The Beauty of Life

For me, the world has so much beauty and mystery….the stories of the stars fascinate me.

The fields and meadows of the stars, like a garden, is a place for me to just take notice.

I love that we become the characters in the ever-changing short stories, that call our attention to moments in time.  Moments we can observe, ignore or grow from.

I am definitely an observer and find that, just as if I’m reading a book someone else has written, when people tell me stories of opportunities in the star’s movements in my life, I ponder them deeply. Is it true, all of it, some of it? Well that is definitely one of life’s important questions for me. And that, is the beauty and freedom, we have in which to deeply discern what matters, what is true subjectively and objectively, in the little picture and the big picture of life, for each of us and all of us together.

So many years ago, I can’t even remember, I felt humanity’s question change from: What is the meaning of life? To:  What is life? How can we care and nurture it? How can we bring love to life?

I find it such a gift to enter into life in every way, to discover how we can care for it together….this beautiful thing called life.

Life is an incredible collection of constellations, an incredible garden full of flowers, birds, bugs, living soil, song and smell.

Life is an incredible series of connected waterways all flowing back to the sea.

For me, life is the inter-connectedness of everything and everyone.

It is the looking out and looking in and seeing another and everything that surrounds us from the stars to the soil to the roots and all that lies hidden in the earth, the gems, the life force.

Life is the beauty seen in each person’s eye, in each person’s breath we share, in each person’s presence. life is a beautiful thing.

Off to run. Day 9.

The sun is gloriously golden this morning. The moon will be full and pink, like the blossoms, tonight. The birds are singing. We are alive, and I turn my attention to everyone who needs all of us to help this life stay alive, all of it, everywhere.

On my run this morning, I will radiate all the love I have into this gulf stream of air we share, into the light of the sun that rays down upon all of us wherever we may be on the earth.

Hand to heart, I honour this life and all of us breathing it, in and out, together.


by jillian rosemary labelle sophie

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