A Moment–Vivid and Ethereal

So all i can say is it’s a moment….

the dreams are vivid and ethereal,

the moment open and fragile

clear and unclear….

It’s a moment

of recognizing history doesn’t actually repeat itself,

there’s an evolution of consciousness or not,

but generations change and so do moments.

It’s a quiet moment, yet participatory.

let’s just say it’s interesting

and time bending

and quickening….

and i’m okay with that,

just pacing myself…..

deciding to be in it,

practicing, changing, questioning without words.

I seem to be transported into journeys

that require my inner and outer awareness

at precisely the same moment.

like straddling the threshold of worlds on a bicycle,

or standing on the edge of time gazing out into the cosmos

or into some opening in my seeing that sees light.

So here i am flowing through this moment

with words and brushstrokes and feelings.

doing what i love….

finding the words to describe

the unseen time pieces that are always moving,

evolving life beyond comprehension,

yet within reach of perceptions of particles and places,

beckoning one’s attention and vulnerability,

to be in the space held open by a mystery larger than life itself.


helping to hold open that space,

is the kindest thing we can contribute,

to everyone and everything that is living,

while remaining ourselves.

To this i turn my full attention,

i open my heart and soul,

and i sit quietly,


with my eyes and ears wide open

hearing and perceiving

the silent heart beat of the universe.

by Jillian RosaMaria LaBelle Sophie

photographers unknown

Welcoming your thoughts....

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