A Walk South of Playa

Usually our morning walk will take us north on the beach.

If we walk south, it leads us into a residential area,

that leads into resorts.

When we take this walk, I can wear my sneakers,

and my feet are very, very happy with me.

I love what we see, the vegetation

is beautiful, ripe and blooming.

There are often statues in the gardens.

This plant was so different from most, so delicate….

Every year, we walk, we pass this house.

It changes colours and it is still my favourite

in many ways.

Maybe it’s that I feel a story, a family gathering place.

The chairs, the pool, the care it feels given….

Am I ever not enchanted by porches and flower boxes?

How is it that these empty chairs invoke my imagination

of a life lived here, a history of stories…..

At the end of one street in the neighbourhood,

there is a palm tree path to the beach…

where resorts begin and playing on vacations….

As always, I am intrigued by the architecture

and materials used….

Pools, for refreshment, in front of every house.

Spiral staircases, simply invoke…

We had one inside one of our houses.

It led up to the loft which had one open area

where the children played,

one room called the bathroom with a sunken tub,

and a bedroom filled with three laughing siblings.

Such a lovely way to ascend and descend….

Welcoming your thoughts....

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