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Within my body I dwell.

And I ask, where is this dwelling?

And, who am I?


Within the breath, there is a substance of life

that is carried in and out of my simple

dwelling of beauty

and the rooms of my mind,

which are many.

These rooms that are open and closed

empty and full,

according to a dna blueprint or a star-filled constellation

that I move in and out of

or that moves me.


And I ask, who is me, within this orchestration?

Am I a mansion of rooms

full of knowledge, logic, thoughtfulness and intelligence

or is it a castle full of perception, acquired wisdom and creativity?

And my heart, is it not but a chamber

leading to a far more profound environment

elegantly open, light-filled and peaceful….

a place called my soul, my home, my hearth, my sanctuary.


And yet, within the body, the mind, the soul,

there is this space and place where I dwell,

where I live, where I think and contemplate, where I create.

And I ask, who is me?  Who am I? Where am I in it?


And in the quietness of my being

and gentleness of my presence,

in-between what I see,

and on the wings of my breath,

I experience that….


I am what emerges

from the unfolding

of my willing participation

in the realms of active imagination.


I am what radiates from

the expression of love

in my inspirations.


And I am what transpires peacefully

from my quiet awakening &

perceptive intuition.


I am, then,

the creation

that appears from

out of that active engagement.


And I ask, it is light?  Is it love?

And I hear the words, it is you.

And I see in stillness,

that it is the unique part of me and of all of us

undefinable by nature, yet inwardly perceptible.


We all have breath, life, heart, mind and body.

We all have an inner place to dwell,

an interior castle of creative impulses

and we all have an inner sanctuary of quiet stillness

whenever it is discovered.

And I ponder, is not then, what I am and who I am

the unfolding, appearing, and arising

through time and living life itself,

a living wisdom that holds within it

my unique way of being,

sharing, telling, living and creating

my story of life in the world,

authentic just to me, built up over the years of engagement?


Does this me, this ever evolving appearance, creation and presence,

give me then the gifts and abilities to open, unfold and create my life,

within my full, multi-dimensional self, uniquely?

And a resounding yes fills the air

knowing that when I bring dignity to the ordinariness of every day living,

through the unfolding of my 1000-a-day imaginative ideas,

my radiating and heartfelt passionate and loving inspirations

and my compassionate, mindful and perceptive intuition,

equally and always aware of the truth

and integrity of life for everyone else around me,

in the world, on the planet,

I am creation.

I am me.

And most of all, I just am.


In any given moment, I am love.  I am beauty, and I am peace.

I am the living wisdom that has created me

through my participation with the living substances and essences of life,

out of my inner and outer quiet places of dwelling in the world within dignity,

within the neurology and rooms of my mind and perception,

within my heart of emotions that colour, but not form me,

and within my body,

that gifts me the possibility to embrace, take up and live my life

out of the wellsprings of this ever-filling, ever-flowering,

and ever-flowing fountain and wellspring of light.


And I am filled with an image of many flowing waters

overflowing from everyone’s growing and overflowing

wellsprings of living wisdom

creating new ways of being humanly together

when we know ourselves,

when we create ourselves

and when we share of ourselves.

Waters that begin to refresh the Earth

and bring refreshment to each other.

The breath of life

The waters of life

I in you and you in I

And all of us in the beautiful world together

uniquely sharing in the art of accompaniment

this preciousness of existence

this something we call Life.


written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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