I’ve Got Love On My Mind

I love Natalie Cole.

When I was 20 years old, I had her music playing in my little MG on my way to work at the Senate. Even back then, the top was down on the car, and the scarf was tied around my head, but this time, it was just blowing in the wind behind me….yes, quite long, like Isadora Duncan.
I felt back then and continue to feel so much happiness for this gift of life, despite the ups and downs, the deep trauma and suffering and uplifting insights and revelations.
Love has been my inspiration. It heals hearts. Love blossoms and grows.
Love is simply incredible. All love. It’s the heart and soul of everything.
It’s the wellspring of being.
It’s the creativity flowing through all of us.
It is simply incredible.
And today feels like a day full of love swirling through the universe.
I hope it shines and radiates and embraces each one of us
and every single person living on this Earth together today.
Maybe it’s the energy of the comet, or the message that’s moving me.
Maybe it’s the song its singing as it soars through the Earth’s skies.
Love.  That’s what it feels like.
It feels like the time has come for love to move through humanity’s homes and world hearths, hearts and world souls, helping to birth a new way of living together on this Earth as human beings in peace, in love, in beauty, out of an incredible living wisdom, and the presence of life’s inner and outer beauty with dignity, integrity, respect, equality, inclusivity, compassion, kindness and justice.
There’s a strong impulse pulsing through the world awakening and birthing something far greater than change. It is birthing love itself, it’s unfolding an inner beauty and a new world culture of peace. It’s lifting veils to see the dignity of life and the living wisdom surrounding us, teaching us how to tend, nurture, and care for the living, with compassion and kindness, awareness, consciousness and awakeness, so that all may flourish as living beings, human by nature.
And there’s an urging to express it, share it, be it, speak about it, stand up for it, fight for it. Embrace it and others and express it in this new cultural “Woodstock” of daily living.
A daily life that loves and sings, dances and expresses, shares and cares, tends and nurtures compassion and kindness. Embracing the world and others with warmth.
There are several different clear and distinct threads of process going on now, each one distinct, each one connected, each one learning how to move together on the universal loom of world creativity.
War and fighting and blaming and grandstanding and self-centred focus, the accumulation of money for individual wealth, the discrimination, disrespect and mutilation of the full spectrum of human expression and human’s being, is over.
I feel the flowers growing everywhere, inside and out. I feel peace in the kneeling, palm to palm, chin to chest, and the ability to feel connected. I feel the love in the circles of embracing kindness, empathy and compassion. I feel the mind’s ability to see through a new eye of awareness, vast and breath-giving. And I feel a wave of evolving consciousness washing over us awaking our eyes to see each other and the whole world as a place we live and breathe and share daily life together.
Not all at once, but slowly the lines will blur and we will see each other as friends– with hearts and souls and minds and a willingness to share our time, our resources, our lives and our homes, our gifts through a shift in perspective allowing and inviting new understandings about how to keep this world alive, this precious life alive…from the soil to the plants, to the animals, to the babies and children and mothers and fathers and grandparents, all of which we are one or two or more, to the living universe full of the unseen substances and essences of life and the living.
The chapter is ending which told the painful story of greed, control, egotism, disregard for life and killing.
The new chapter has begun, as we shift our priorities, seeing the world and everyone in it, in a new light.
Clearly I am sensitive, and  I hear a clarion call,
I hear the bells ringing, the birds singing
and the songs of the human souls resounding,
with lovely doves carrying bouquets of roses
in honour of opening, and holding open,
these beautiful spaces and places and environments,
that hold the keys, the seeds, and the invitations
for all of us to cross over the threshold
into the new realms of infinite possibilities together
as a community of humanity,
who shares the Earth
as a common home, hearth and sanctuary
where all of us can be and become,
strive and unfold
everything we are meant to be
offering all the gifts we have to offer
to this feast of life, living, and belonging
unfolding love, light, peace, living wisdom and beauty.
The five petaled rose.
Written by Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie
with love

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