A Visit With Friends

For years, we came to Playa to share life with friends and families.  We created a non-profit society, nine years ago, called World Hearth for Peace and Friendship.  Our interest was to contribute and participate in a new culture of peace, one friend at a time.  We worked out of the art of accompaniment and spent hours artistically creating together, helping where needed, and being there for each other.  Our premise and values were if there was truly genuine interest in each other and willingness to share life, then friendships could unfold and yes, the potential for love could live in the world, and just maybe a sense of a new culture of peace amidst differences could evolve.  It was and has been our privilege to have met and shared life with so many new friends.  It has warmed our hearts to participate in this wonderful journey we call Life, together, even if for but a moment in time.  It is always a privilege to share life.

For many reasons, World Hearth has been on hold for a few years….however, it still lives in our hearts and someday, we hope to begin again…..this time with cultural experiences starting “in the home, hearth and sanctuaries” of more friends around the world, or maybe through the cultural experiences of sharing tea, or youth cultural exchanges……time will tell and unfold our interests…..it is not time yet, to begin again….

However, what is our greatest joy, is that our friends here are still very much our friends.  We love visiting each year. It is precious to us.

Here are some photos of Miguel, Lucy, Janet, and Keila…and I do hope I’ve spelled their names correctly…..when we went to visit them in their home.  Miguel is a baker and every year we look forward to tasting his special treats.  This year it was a cheese cake.  Last year it was tres leches cake…..yum!  May I introduce our friends……