A Full Heart


ah yes….lovely tea and reading…..writing, creating home, hearth and sanctuary in any artistic way that lends itself to expressing radiating love, inner beauty, living wisdom and heartfelt peace……filled with happy joy, and humourous moments, and hugs and laughter, yes, it’s open…..my heart and soul, my home, hearth and sanctuary it’s fully open…..from the call to find the universal abandoned monastery to poetically opening the interior castle, translated to, I mosaic-ed my broken heart back together and now my heart is open and thriving, healed and capable of accommodating love as it flows through my veins, as it flows through all of us, and through the cosmic millky way. And yes, the inner environments of my embodiment, my life and inner places of dwelling, creating and seeing gracefulness and beauty everywhere are tended to, quietly, with great and tender happiness.


I have arrived in this present and beautiful moment….to be open and vulnerable in the art of accompaniment, in the arts of the heart, in creating and holding open living environments that birth love, not hate, that understand the flow of feminine ways of being and nurturing as essential for babies and seeds, each other, animals, life and all that comprise this lovely, lovely living wisdom all around us.

May sight change to see from the inside out.

May hearing change to listening to that which can’t be heard.

May speaking change to communing within and out of this lovely common environment called life.

May we be mothers and gardeners to it inwardly and outwardly knowing that now is the moment to rise up and be nurture, be kind, be love, be able to hold open a different kind of environment, create different ways of being together, in order to save the substance and essence of life out of which we all have our being……

Be a mother to yourself, not as self love, but as conscious nurturer between the portals of birth and death, opening to the true nature of the wellspring of mothering….like the mothering Earth…..she gives and gives…..it’s time to care for her, for ourselves, each other….setting down the goals and weapons of better or best…..


Instead let’s make some tea and have some conversation about the roses growing in the flower beds, the lettuce burgeoning green and full in the vege bed. Let’s talk about the colours of sunrise and sunsets and choose those colours for our children’s bedroom walls because of the beauty and wisdom implicit in colour not fashion. Let’s visit each other’s homes and embrace each other and daily life simply and wisely.


Let’s walk by the sea, by the lake, in nature and feel gratitude for the very delicately strong environment that supports us….Mother Earth. And raise our hands to our hearts honouring and loving the gift of breath given to us so we can live and embody our being fully with grace, awareness, willingness out of the wellsprings of wellness.


ah yes, tea and conversation, warmth and water, tending and listening…..it is the seedbed of genuine interest, which is the invisible bearer of a life-giving flow, full of particles of light, so vibrant,so silent, so alive, it has the potential to awaken us to the substance and essence of living, life and love. It offers awareness of the interiors of existence that have no words, only vastness.  It invites us into the inside of the chambers and gardens, places and spaces where we all, each one of us, are perfectly able to be, just be, with no where else to go, with nothing else to obtain….but simply be in the glorious interior place of being human, being alive…..in the vastness of awareness, and the environments we create within that vastness to dwell, to create and to be called homes of inner beauty, hearths of creative renewal and sanctuaries of living wisdom and radiating love.




Welcoming your thoughts....

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