Eyes wet with tears

accumulating a pond of memories

dissolved into a white canvas of emptiness

washed clean in a second of time.

A hummingbird flies through the door

upright and knowing

head turning to remind me

I haven’t forgotten

the essential nature of being.

Quickening my gaze

to see this rare occurrence

of the messenger humming

a tune with bird eyes

looking directly into mine.

Straight in

straight out

without a turn or a flinch

asking of me to find my

way through the mists rising

to see its face, its eyes

and know nothing is gone…

Everything, everything

comes and goes

appearing differently in

the garment of the traveler.

The traveler

my guest

the hummingbird

startling me into seeing

amidst the thousand flappings

of her wings.

Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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