What Sparks Our Souls To Sing…

I have gone through a lifetime of soul singing….

Soul singing….when something quickens….

and your imagination gets fired….

and you want to paint, even if you’re not a painter…

When your heart’s eye and  soul’s imagination, quickens,

and the mind’s ability to realize inspiration begins its process

Inside there is a tuition paid over time to attend the university of life

that eventually alchemizes time spent into gold

imagination, inspiration and intuition, sisters to sophia

substances of this living wisdom

innately found in all of us

soul singing….

bella sophia….beautiful wisdom

viva sophia…..living wisdom

venus sophia….the beauty and love of wisdom,

in the circle of life

in the inner place of dwelling….

in the interior castle of creative renewal…..

and in the inner sanctuary of living wisdom…..

it is the nature of the soul to sing….

out of passion and genuine interest…

it is the soul’s free choice.




Photography by Shabby Chic Mania

Welcoming your thoughts....

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