Soul Singing

All soul dispositions are different….

Mine is like a bird in some ways.

When I wake in the morning, I want to sing.

I love to spread out my wings and fly in the larger possibilities in the day.

I love to hear the morning songs of the birds

and my soul….

I’ll never forget when I was told that members of my family

were not morning people….

I was surprised…..

I find awakening out of one’s own style

and reality is so lovely, though,

to realize over and over again,

that everyone doesn’t sing

the same songs in the morning….

How lovely, instead, to know there is a chorus of singing

throughout the day.

I am not 100 percent of anything

other than

100 percent my self….collaged of the parts…

What a lovely experience

to feel oneself reflected in the breath and movements

of others….

of the morning song birds…..

Knowing the beauty of flight is essential

The awareness of the uprising

of an inner song substantial.

Breathing it out into the ethers of air….

flowing with thoughts

filling one’s lungs with inspiration

stretching one’s wings and finding ones way

individually and collectively–

this, for me, is the joy of living…..

Photography from Shabby Chic Mania and Rumi Page

Collage Artwork by LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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