The Stream of Venus

This morning I had a beautiful vision,

a living imagination,

an experience in the quietness of silence.

A  stream of living, unseen, gentle souls

 walking through timelessness,

entering the present moment.

It was the Stream of Venus.

It was an experience of a wave of silk cloths

blowing in the breeze

silently announcing the coming of

something precious, something dignified

this stream, this community,

this family of Venus.

It was a procession of beauty

winding its way

through the corridors of time,

and the pulse of the living,

through history and eternity,

opening and creating environments

along the way

where the essence of life,

the beauty and presence of wisdom,

and the substance of love

continued to be born

over and over again

filling the tributaries of liquid gold

with pureness of intention

and new life.

Within this procession,

there were circles of commonness,

embraces of connectedness,

in the centre of life itself.

The veils were not only flying, but lifting,

opening the interior, eternal,

living environments

from the inside out

uniting it with

the exterior living stream of Earth.

New language arising out of the poetic visual,

and thoughts unfolding in pictures, songs and living images.

There was no hierarchy, no power, control or harshness,

instead a presence of consciousness, peace, gentle beauty, true compassion,

radiating love and genuine interest.

And as it orchestrated itself

it was clear,

that the stream of Venus

was bringing many new impulses

to enrich and complement

life on Earth.

The first gift was bringing awareness to the world soul.

A world soul that nurtures life on Earth for all living beings

giving a sense of being in this world together.

The second gift was the illumination

of the beauty and wisdom of  the human soul

and nature of its life and  inner places of dwelling.

To understand the nature of the human soul

and how it is reflected outwardly

including, in our daily lives,

will give a new basis of understanding and capacity

about how to begin unfolding a new world culture of peace

by consciously focusing on creating

worldwide homes of inner beauty,

hearths of thriving and loving relationships,

and sanctuaries of living wisdom.

The fourth gift of the stream of Venus is  a sense of  community

for the newly emerging human soul and tender and beautiful world soul

that connects all souls.

For  she is lovely and bright,

as luminous as a pearl.

She is undefinable by many

and perceived by few.

Yet,she is inside each one of us,

bearing the essence of who we are.

And no matter how hard one tries to define the soul

or assign the soul ,

she lives within us and we in her.

She is the bella mother of our spirits,

the venus maiden of our hearts,

and the sophia queen of our lives.

She bears grace and dwells in living beauty.

Her language is painted imaginatively

on the canvas of life

sharing the inner landscapes

that reflect outwardly.

She moves quietly over the Earth,

within life itself,

leaving no footprint,

only flowers and  a scent of water.

She has no sense of self or the other,

because the nature of birthing life intimately unites

the wholeness of life together within its individualities

creating space and place

in the bright constellation of humanity

where circle upon circle

of shining stars

willingly unite

forming new constellations

of potential new ways of being together.

It is an imprint of these starry constellations

that are washing over us

as a human race,

asking us to step out of the destructive,

and into this renewing stream of  Venus.

A stream that brings a refreshing new way

of viewing life as a culture that cultivates new ways of living together

in genuine interest, friendship and peace.

A stream that bears within it

the true nature of life,

the streaming  light of love

and the perfect environment for tiny shells

and awakening souls

to open


homes of love



pearls of wisdom.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie Shouldice


2 Replies to “The Stream of Venus”

  1. Thank you so much Ramona. It is precious to me to know it was lovely to you. And also precious to still be in each other’s lives by feeling and hearing your presence. my gratitude always…..

  2. Yesterday I dreamed that I was looking at the last page of a book I wrote…and the last lines were taken from a letter, written by you, to me….you were talking about my teacher….and I knew it was a woman…you called her my “sweet, old general.”

    Love this new vision….so perfect for this time…so hopeful and inspiring! ANd your expression of it is so lovely! Thank you!

    xoxoxo R

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