The Nucleus of Life

Within every living form and environment, there is a centre and a nucleus.

What is the definition of nucleus?

A central or essential part around which other parts are gathered or grouped.

The core, the central kernel, the positively charged region of activity that maintains the life within a living organism.

A place within a circle of life that contains the history and heredity material which supports growth and reproduction.

The brightest part of a nebula or galaxy, the radiating sun.

The central most important part of an object, movement or group forming a basis for its activity and growth.

The heart, the focal point, the eye of consciousness.

It is a lovely imagination and thought process that takes us into the centre of that which is living, into the heart of things, into the nucleus of life.

In every organization, there is a nucleus and a created environment where life begins and is sustained.

It is the nature of things.

From galaxies to cells to organized nonprofit organizations is a very large brushstroke,

yet an interesting one.

What is a non-profit society?

 It is a club, society, or association that’s organized and operated solely for:
•    social welfare
•    civic improvement
•    pleasure or recreation
and any other purpose except profit.

A non-profit sport and recreational club promotes pleasure, recreation, and sports

with individuals associated, dedicated and organized for the common purpose

of caring for the life of the club

as well as cultivating the designated activities of the group.

In the dictionary, the formation of a club referred to

a group of like-minded individuals uniting and joining together for a common cause,

contributing one’s share towards a joint expense,

gathering into a cooperative mass,

and contributing to a common fund, vision and roster of activities.

What is the nucleus of a non-profit, multi-sports club?

I would propose it is the Board of Directors in the larger landscape of a club.

For it is the Board of Directors, that fundamentally are responsible for the larger picture of the nonprofit society,

not the individual members alone.

They hold the larger vision,  tend to the monies, maintain the legal status, create a voice for the club,

encourage membership, and are responsible for keeping it alive through its many functions.

And within each activity, there is also a nucleus.

However, without the original first  “spark of life” and formation of intention,

there would not be all the parts that make up the entire club.

It is, therefore, important and essential to support the heart of the mission, the nucleus of the club,

for without it, there would only be individuals organizing games and practice sessions.

To belong to a nonprofit society club that has many branches

means that it is essential to remember

that within every organization, there is life

reflected in the mission, the board and the members.

Board members are more than directors.

They require perception, awareness and commitment

to the whole organism and organization.

What an exciting place to be,

inside the nucleus of life

where everything is connected

working artistically precise in harmony

with the whole and with each other.

The image that arose for me was that within every living form and substance

there is a nucleus, a centre, a place where the

imagination, inspiration and intuition lives

that knows how to bring something to life,

mind it, grow it, nurture it and sustain it.

Whether it’s a tree with branches,

or a sun with light-filled, warm rays,

a human organism full of heart,

or a focal point of consciousness of the whole,

it is a lovely picture to imagine.

And I am reminded of a beautiful idea spoken nearly 100 years ago

by a man named Rudolf Steiner.

He called it The Fundamental Social Law and it goes like this:

The healthy social life is found
When in the mirror of each human being
The whole community finds its reflection
And when in the community
The virtue of each one is living.

Where is my dissertation going?

I think within every non-profit society,

there is a nucleus and a social life,

and it is essential that each individual

finds his or her place out of who they are,

and within that sense of belonging to something larger,

can experience the nucleus of the club,

the essence and substance

and heart of the matter.

And within the social life and interaction that surrounds that,

the living non-profit society organism can find its being

reflected in the presence of each one of us.

There cannot be one without the other.

It is the new world of cooperation, commitment and connectedness.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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