The Flow of Life

What a lovely image to imagine….the flow of life

A stream that moves through the cosmos

And forms itself inside a passage of time.

As a mother, opening and giving place for a being

to be and become

within a prepared and natural circle of life.

Until the moment of exhale, where the being emerges

into the continuity of life

and is free to express, create

and become everything it is meant to become….

The choreography of a life, precious to behold,

Freely supporting and loving that life

as it defines itself,

the quintessential gift given from one to another.

Continuously opening environments

that support life with love

the honour.

Recognizing that the art of accompaniment

throughout this journey and flow of life

is the privilege.

Integrity, beauty, dignity, conscious choices,

peacefulness, laughter, creativity, abundance…..

are just a few of the opportunities

out of which to share and create and live

within this flow of human lives

that flows within the wisdom of life.

By Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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