It’s One Of Those Days

It’s one of those days

that feels special

without fully knowing why…

It’s one of those days

that expands beyond sight

and ends up in the fields and meadows

of the sparkling stars

gazing at the beauty of the planets and cosmos.

It’s one of those days

that feels new

yet familiar

as if I knew it was coming all along.

It is not bigger or smaller than it is.

Only magnificent and simple

complex and understandable,

like someone whispering a secret into your ear

and the moment of dawning, occurs.

A sunrise with rays

that illuminates the threshold

between night and day,

between dark and light,

between grey and blue.

Such splendour of innocence

beholding a new day

a new way

of being


The seed of



Jill RoseMary

bringing forth

and welcoming

Jill LaBelle Sophie.





Significant to the world

not really,

Important to me


In the waters of birth

and the waves of mothering

it is a moment, unlike any other.

the third call of my soul’s becoming .

A delicate sensing, a vulnerable shifting,

making room

for a new part of myself


Like a daisy with a golden centre of light

starry and sparkling

carrying armfuls of roses

as a bouquet of accomplishments

free to breathe the freshness of air

releasing all that was

and welcoming all that is and will be.

So that in the silence

with the flapping wings and songs

of my garden’s myriad of birds

and beauty of blossoms,

I feel the release of myself

to myself

in the quiet place of birthing

one’s own dignity.

Poem by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Photos from Rumi fb

Welcoming your thoughts....

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