The Breath of Life

Today in my yoga class,

I had a growing awareness of the breath

breath as life

breathing as living

breath as guiding and embodying.

Without breath, there is no life

The breath of life

The last breath.

Within the structure of me

there are places and spaces

corridors and hidden spots

awaiting the light of breathing

to embody the space

to release the darkness

to fill and embellish the open places

with the swiftness and presence of the breath.

And in the ending moments of shavasana,

my tear ducts overflowed quietly

with a fountain of tears

and a cry to my breath

to guide me, to help me, find my way,

inside my embodied life,

recognizing that I stand on a new threshold

as newly emerging from the aftermath

of moving through the speed of light

transporting me to a new place of existence

asking for me to find my way

by finding myself anew

in the aftermath of change.

And in those tears and place of timelessness and time,

the realization poured forth revealing

the sense of true unknowing

of how to live my life,

my new life

not lost

nor forgotten

but wandering in that way that begs for consciousness

to re-live, re-grow, re-build

a life from the inside out

from the ground up

from all the pieces

coming together not as I was but

as I am now–

a newly formed seed of life itself

filled with the breath and willingness

to learn to grow anew, grow again

in an entirely new way.


My heart broke into a thousand pieces

and I’ve tried to put it all back together

yet there is no back

or together

only a new heart emerging,

under a thousand sparkling stars

with a new breath of life moving through me,

a new dawn arising within me

that beckons me

to be present, be conscious, be discerning,

be loving, be here now to unfold and open

this new living seed

in the harvesting of maturity and experience

through a pressurized alchemy and trauma within the birth canal

pushing me so tightly

my breath went away

only to return like a baby’s cry

into this newly felt environment of a place called Earth.

My mother my self’s soul

My father my self’s body

My self within my breath,

my presence in the consciousness of light,

my love as  a radiating essence.

And that which I’ve come to bring, that I’ve striven to know

emerges through a sea shell,

as a pearl and a new seed of life

filled with illuminating breath

enlivening and grounding the body

filling the mind with light

watering the emergence

with the tender breezes of change

to feel deep down within myself

the presence of an incredible living wisdom

so beautiful, I used to say it takes my breath away….

and indeed it did, but now

it gives me breath

and, indeed, life itself….

My venus sophia, my bella sophia….

the beauty and the breath of life,

of living wisdom

Emerging deep within my soul

I welcome you.

The first time life is given freely to all of us.

The second time it asks of you to freely create it yourself….

out of your whole self

with gifts  freely given in grace

and love surrounding and swirling always.

In that tenderness and grace,

I stand humbly breathing

that beautiful, and wise breath of life.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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