Smoothies and the Dalai Lama

Each day here begins with a thought from The Path to Tranquility book by the Dalai Lama.  He is someone I have the most respect for.  He’s doing what I think is essential being fully human.  As part of our journal, here’s the three passages thus far.

Thursday, February 21:  Everything has its limits.  Too much consumptio or effort to make money is not good.  Neither is too much contentment.  In principle, contentment should be pursued, but pure contentment is almost suicidal.

Friday, February 22:  What irritates us in the first place is that our wishes are not fulfilled.  But remaining upset does nothing to help fulfill those wishes.  So we neither fulfill our wishes nor regain our cheerfulness!  This disconcerted state, from which anger can grow, is most dangerous.  We should try never to let our happy frame of mind be disturbed.  Whether we are suffering at present or have suffered in the past, there is no reason to be unhappy.

Saturday, February 23:  When you have fear, you can think:  “Others have fear similar to this; may I take to myself all of their fears.”  Even though you are opening yourself to greater suffering, taking greater hardship on yourself, your fear lessens.”


Day 1:  grapefruit, ginger, orange, …..I have to go back to the place I bought it……

Day 2:  papaya, mango, banana, yogurt, protein powder water (we’re now making them)

Day 3:  papaya, pineapple, mango, orange, spinach, water……



Welcoming your thoughts....

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