Random Things I Saw Along The Way

My first upright bicycle came from Mexico.  Every year when Rod and I would come, we would each buy a bicycle and then give them away at the end of our stay.  One year I was so in love with my blue and silver upright bicycle with its basket that I brought it home and now I’ve passed it along to one of Rosie’s friend, Eden.  I love bicycles!

Every year I take so many photos of flowers.  I love the entrance to this apartment complex.  I remember the year it was built and now the flowers are lovely.

I love textures and colours the same way I love texture and colours of fabrics.  I delight in capturing parts of the whole featuring colour, design and materials.  This is the top of a water fountain that is in the middle of one of the intersections.  The sun was just setting and it filled the interior of this bowl-like glass piece sitting on the top.

There is a building on the corner of one of the streets and on the front it has this exquisite mosaic made out of glass.  I took a picture of the building but it was boring….I am more fascinated with the glass pieces and how they put them all together into a beautiful mosaic wall that shimmers in the sunlight.

White wicker chairs in a large palapa captures my fancy and imagination…..I can’t help but think of an earlier time…..white wicker furniture is timeless and eloquent.

Although we’ve never eaten here, I love looking everytime we pass by.  I stand to be corrected….I remember a morning coffee…..nevertheless, the french-ness, the shabby blues and shabby whites are definitely chic.  Fifth Avenue, which is the main avenue in Playa, has an international flair, so although most things are Mexican, I do relish when I find refreshing design.

I was busy being obscure taking photos and the chef and his assistant looked up and beckoned me to include them in my photo shoot, only too ready to smile .  They were sweet and happy.

This ends my random collection of what I saw this afternoon.  I am planning another photo shoot tomorrow with more delightful colour.  It doesn’t necessarily tell the story of where we are or what we are doing per se, but I love looking for beauty in the moment….

This morning we took a long, long walk on the beach—another 4 hours, but this time longer than the last…..I have to figure out our distance because it is intriguing me to know.  Discussion of the day:  code of ethics, morality, values and virtues….4 long hours of exploration, questions and good conversation……tonight nachos, guacamole, Rod a beer, Jill a peppermint tea….lovely day, good books and sunshine.


Welcoming your thoughts....

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