Beholding the Artistry of Purity

Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Beholding the Artistry of Purity

One can only create out of

that which is living inside.

Opening environments–

reflective of the soul’s substance,

the mind’s artistry,

and the heart’s desires–

unfolds originality of quickened creativity,

consciously emerging

unable to be usurped in its miracle,

etherically connected

to the originator’s intention,

the soul’s mother-like purity…

surrounding and embracing this circle of life

this manifestation of loveliness.

Masterpieces unfolding through time

cradling inspired love and imaginations of lifetimes

thought-full and heart-felt with wizened abilities

to see and transform

the ancient into light

the beautiful into essence

love into substance,

living and pure…

ever ripening the wisdom

of bearing and birthing,

the art of creative renewal,

unfolding from the inside out..

over timelessness

like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

held in the evolution

of beauty and thought

essentially honouring,

enduring heart-felt soulfulness,

passionate artistry

freely given

as creation out of one’s nature,

a soul’s choreography of dignity

living wisdom to honour

inner beauty to behold

humbleness to acknowledge

the life work

of another,

without laying claim,

what is not theirs to claim, like the Mona Lisa…..

knowing the heart has eyes to see

the origin of beauty and its originator

amidst the cacophony of sound and mutterings

that one owns, or conquers

without due respect for life and the living,

the beauty of revelation

the evolution of the nature of things

and places called Earth

and pieces called art

and people called others…

We are all part of one existence,

yet each has its uniqueness to offer..

Gifts freely laboured for and given

emerging from every one,

as original

gifting and giving of one’s self.

The Earth as enduring….

These are not for sale….

Wisdom comes through time

transforming selfish into sharing

and caring that each paint stroke,

each breath’s movement,

each artistic unfolding, every living creature born

is upheld and beheld

for all they are and all they give selflessly

by those who have the eyes to see and the heart to behold

 the souls of origin

the souls of creator

not as owner, but as honoured creator,

who finds inspiration in the stars…in the sun….

knowing only they can set free….

newly born life and the living…

cutting the umbilical cord

with heart warmth ever connected…

Every artist knowing through the ages

every mother knowing through birth

we are but vessels,

 not to be overlooked or forgotten,

but honoured for that which is given freely

out of the energies and elements of life

bearing and bringing forth

the newness

like mothers of pearl

layered over time and experience

with substances and essences,

recognizing the integrity

and continuity of selflessness quietly

upholding beauty and the art of emergence

honouring and understanding

the stages of suffering

and ennobling

that which is pushing into being

 innately moving to transform

and lift it high

into happiness,

through freedom of seeing the dignity in others.

Life is not to claim….it is to unfold and behold

with tenderness and purity

knowing each manifestation of profundity

is a treasure to behold….

is a deed done….

Obscurity of oneness,

lessening the participation of each one

as artist and thinker and

participant in shared living.

The world that conquers and claims is an old world.

The new world brings dignity to the ordinary,

brings honour to all creators

and creations of the living,

and love to life.

 It is the place of quickening…

where a new world gift of common interest

and lifestyles of peace….

of living together,

fully and consciously.

out of the sanctuary and choices of wisdom

out of creating a new life each and every day

becomes an altered world reality….

and emerging universal culture,

 newly imitated through

conscious gifting of one to another

out of uniqueness,

 offering new ways of living in harmony

through the evolution of thought,

the presence of an artistry able to birth

world concepts and heartfelt strivings,

through the ability to truly honour each other

out of genuine interest,

by beholding uniqueness……

one step, one day,

one breath

at a time.

Re-imagining and Re-cognizing

values necessary for this shift…

within ourselves,

as a new personal code of ethics

striving to uphold a new way of living together


with integrity and continuity.

Written by LaBelle Sophia

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