Insights and A New Pearl of Wisdom

Today I carried meditatively and heartfeltly…..

the thought for the day….

and what a lovely insight unfolded on our walk

and meditation along the water’s edge.

I could see a beautiful,

light -filled human being,

full of warmth,

moving within the beauty of the substances

of light and warmth,

without the restriction of an outlined  form….

It was breathtaking,


and clearly had a quality of luminosity.

This being of light, warmth and luminosity

took on no unwanted thoughts,

projected no colourful emotions,

not as a path of restriction,

but, instead out of a deeply dignified privilege

to have the honour to hold open the space,

create a purely heartfelt  environment

in which to bear and be bearer

of this majestic, ever-living consciousness

that unfolds the human capacities of

empathy and  compassion.

By sweeping clean from the inside out,

unwanted obstacles,

by opening the windows of the soul,

recognizing and welcoming this light and warmth-filled

substance and essence,

as concrete living parts of ourselves

and our surroundings–

radiating and illuminating–

one begins to subtly recognize

the profound privilege we have

to hold open the living spaces,

to create beautiful environments,

within and around our true human beingness

so that we can participate,

bear and uphold this living wisdom,

this light-filled consciousness,

within ourselves…..

unfolding the capacities

to love and empathize

within our heartfelt and mindful

compassionate selves.

And in so doing,

reflect any other object or living being

by arising within

the living aspect

of that object.

or context of that living being.

This is to live within

a community of living wisdom.


What is my lifelong interest connected to this?

to cultivate the arts of that living wisdom,

unfolding one petal at a time,

one cup of tea at a time,

one  thought,

one relationship,

one lovely environment at a time.

To this I remain true.

It lives within me.


From inner places to dwell, reflected as homes of inner beauty,

to interior castles of creative renewal,

reflected as warm hearths of thriving relationships.

Now I enter and bear within me, the place I call Sanctuary–

the inner sanctuary of living wisdom and

the outer sanctuary where love, empathy,

and compassion can be made

manifest and lived consciously in peace.


My quest and commitment:

to hold open within myself,

and around me,

the places and spaces

where the luminosity of consciousness

can be and live and  thrive

without struggle,

to help free the life of suffering,

for all  living  beings

through the presence of love,

the arts of living wisdom,

and the practices of peace.

This is my joyful for today.


Jill LaBelle Sophie

Pictures by Rumi and Arte Shabby, artesanato, with thanks.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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