Living Wisdom

White, weathered and wise….my new phrase…..shabby chic soulfulness.

Standing In the Light

Within the subconscious, lives those things never seen by the light of day

Our bodies like unbaked clay

imprinted by the movements  arising within the subconscious

Life through time allowing the movements to release

without impression

tenderly leaving behind the soul

standing in the light of day

without veil

pure and white, weathered and wise.

Surrounded by chic light and gossamer threads

light movement on tender feet of destinies

lightly stepping with bella sophia luggages

lightly packed for the journey of light

free of baggage and hurt and subconscious weight

Lightly flowing through the ethers of life

warm hearted

mind full and mind less

in the art of becoming

in the art of accompaniment

in the art of living

simply and wisely….

living wisdom

the ethics of living

the values of life

the thread that weaves beauty and

dignity into the ordinary

the art of living

the art of living wisdom…..

living fully

living mindfully

living heart-fully

living love….

living wisdom…..

to be or not to be….

be love

be peace

be beauty

be simple

be wisdom

be humble

be present…..

being and becoming human

our gift of life

our common willingness to behold and begin.

LaBelle Sophie

Photography from Shabby Chic Mania

Welcoming your thoughts....

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