Day of Venus

Good morning…..friday, the day of venus……

and as you know, venus is one of my many loves…..

venus, sophia, bella, labelle, sophie…..

roses and beauty, purity and eloquence…..

it is the language of my soul.

Quote of the Day

“In the precious place of emptiness,

who you are,

is how you move through it.”

Jill LaBelle Sophie


“With purity and joy

I recognized

long ago,

the sacred task

of carrying

the chalice of children,

as incoming vessels

and bearers of the

light, love, warmth, and wisdom,

as the perfect evolution of consciousness

and creation of love.”

Jill LaBelle Sophie



Friday, March 1

Planet, Grain, Colour, Metal an Tree of the Day

Friday, Venus, Oats, Green, Copper, Birch

Celtic Meaning of the Birch Tree

The Celtic meaning of the birch tree deals with:

  • Growth
  • Renewal
  • Stability
  • Initiation
  • Adaptability

Listen closely and you will detect whispers of transformation and growth

in the midst of the birch groves within your soul.

The birch is highly adaptive

and able to sustain harsh conditions with casual indifference.

Proof of this adaptability

is seen in its easy and eager ability

to repopulate areas damaged by forest fires or clearings.

Bright and beautiful,

the birch is a pioneer, courageously taking root

and starting anew to revive the landscape where no other would before.

This is a powerful metaphor for our lives.

The birch asks us to philosophically go where no other will go

(voluntarily or otherwise).

The birch asks us to take root in new soils

and light our lives with the majesty of our very presence.

The birch sings to us: “Shine, take hold, express your creative expanse,

light the way so that others may follow.”

Paradoxically, while the birch is a brilliant symbol of renewal,

it is also symbolic of stability and structure.

The druids also held the birch as the keepers of long-honored traditions.

Associated with the sun, the birch is a solar emblem.

and facilitates passion, energy, as well as growth.

This solar association is paralleled

when we learn the druids carried birch bark with them as kindling.

Birch serves as a perfect igniter

as it will start to burn even when damp.

This makes it a prized fire starter over most other wood types.

Here again, this makes for a perfect analogy.

The birch asks us to serve our fellow man with a fire in our hearts.

In this respect, the birch reminds us

that even if our spirits are dampened

by the set backs in life,

we can always catch fire from the spark of passions

that drive us to divinity.*

*Avia, crafter of


Smoothie of the day:

1 whole mango

1 whole apple

2″ circular slice of ripe papaya

4 TBLS gogi berries

8 deribbed leaves of swiss chard

1/2 bunch of cilantro

1/2 bunch of parsley

2 large stalks of cucumber

6″ piece of cumber, peeled

This is, by far, my favourite yet….so light and smooth, and delicious!


Today’s Choreography of Thought:

What is consciousness?

What is love?

I have a series of paintings?

layers of embellishments?


I want to pursue,

as an on-going experiment

and experience of this place called emptiness,

through the art of unfolding

what I call living environments

in this curious circle of life,

where love and consciousness

radiates and flows

growing out of its own dignity.

To unfold the delicate petals of the rose-filled soul

to peel the human layers of the onion skins

full of emotions and bodily existences,

in order to reach the centre,

is what I want to work with,

so the experience of the original emptiness,

can be understood, not as a place of nothingness

and loneliness,

instead be seen as a living environment

where there is beauty in the silence,

where there are seeds of life in the quiet,

not void of something or anything,

instead, just potentially awaiting

by one’s awakening

to participate.

Lifting the veils of human existence,

one can begin to experience that there is a place

accessible to every human being

regardless of anything or any disposition

that beckons us

to discover and recognize

how our neurology affects us

how our emotions and history form us

how we make decisions that change our lives,


can be changed and altered

by a state of grace,

by the depth of understanding

by a swift trauma

and/or a willingness to act freely

and carefully

in the circles of choice.

Understanding the multi-influences upon our day,

experiencing the decisions we make,

can be quieted in meditation,

and seen in the maps of anatomy,

the halls of religion,

and the institutions of education.

Recognizing the gift of quieting one’s mind,

and emptying one’s self

alongside realizing there is an actual place of emptiness,

not just a feeling….

throughout the cacophony of being and becoming human,

becomes the most profound gift of discovery itself.

For in the willingness and ability to enter into the silence,

emptiness and quiet…..

and begin to see differently

 in the warmth of willingness,

in the light of perception,

something truly spectacular can appear,

an unearthly beauty within its own setting,

profound and greater than any one mind alone

can fathom,

any one heart can love,

any one person can understand or see.


the emptiness of being,

inside the perception of inner places and spaces

is, indeed, a moving

and breathing,

substance and essence,

a living wisdom and consciousness,

a fire of love,

that are the

foundational creative substances and essences of the universe,

simple and beautifully complex.

Many people call it god because it is so great.

Yet it is not any one understanding.

It loses something in the translation.

 Imagine releasing this presence truly from all form

and sitting with it quietly,

imagine all the languages that would arise,

all the colours that would appear,

all the ways of interpreting and inspiring that would come to life

in the moment it’s perceived.

This is the moment

when joy is unbounded,

living exists in freedom

and love finds it true home.

Imagine through time,

learning the

arts of this living wisdom,

creating new cultures of peace.

Imagine through time,

listening to these waters of life and

learning new languages and ways of speaking to each other

of this presence of life

that lives in peace,

that spans epochs of time,

moving through the speed of light of the mind and

enwarmed in the molten sea of the heart.

Imagine if participating in the true evolution of consciousness

was about not being afraid to change,

but was about recognizing that within this presence of life,

within this emptiness of change

and within every generation to come

there were gifts to be given, not once, but never-ending.

Why are we stuck in history

and outdated forms and ways of life

that want to keep things the same so badly

that they kill

the very thing that makes it all possible

life, love, living wisdom, light and the substance of growing and changing.

Just imagine if we actually recognized the absolute

privilege we have each and every day of our life,

to simply be with this life, this love of life, this peacefulness and joyful way of living


that knows nothing about anger or fear, killing or conquering.

In meditation, one clears the way.

In pregnancy, one makes room,

In one’s heart, one is open to radiate a mysterious feeling of warmth

In daily life, one clears the space, opening environments

of homes, hearths and sanctuaries,

where not only one’s self,

but something other than one’s own self can also live,

and have its own being–

our ancestry of time,

the fires of our existence

and the story of the universe.

What is consciousness?

What is love?

What is life?

To let it go of one’s opinions,

to allow all thoughts to fall away in quietness,

to make room for the beauty of existence to sprout and grow,

is to walk into the place

of  the cosmic beauty and purity itself.

And within it,

there is a hidden gift,

that we begin to realize

we can willingly and personally  uphold,

be with, be within,

create out of and live with,

find new words and ways to express….

while becoming bearers of love and

 carriers of compassion,

sisters of this sophia,

for this amazing grace and beauty and living wisdom

that breathes and thrives within the universe,

always has and always will.

Imagine awakening to the

privilege of upholding this life and” livingness”

within this profound emptiness of self

and richness of living environment.

Imagine recognizing

“In the precious place of emptiness,

who you are,

is not about what you want or what you need or believe,

but is actually,

 how you move through it.”

So, who are you then?

You are a star, a substance, a golden thread,

a light, a flame, an essence,

You are a particle and part

You are a sparkling cellular phenomenon of life

You are a piece of the living,

easily assimilated

into the presence of life itself,

yet essential to its wholeness.

The oneness in life,

one thing,

the essence of you,


in its unique and cosmic proportions

a shining star with a place and a purpose

in the story of the

uni-verse and

 constellations of community

and new earthly cultures of peace and love and friendship

arising out of the awareness that we are all in this life together.

Imagine participating in the art of accompaniment and kindness,

not the ways of war and greed.

We live in communities of light and warmth

with the opportunity to become aware of each other

and our common home on Earth.

We live in communities of human beings

with the opportunity to awaken

to this emptiness that’s so rich and full and beautiful

and life-giving,

like the sacred and silent wombs of worlds that

 carry and birth new life,

and the birth of our children and new stars.

What an absolute privilege it becomes

to be aware and awake to

this opportunity we have to help bear and carry,

uphold and radiate,

live with and within,

the presence of light,

the body of warmth,

the substance of love…

within emptiness and happiness

it is never about us

it is always about the warmth of loving

the holding of the light,

embracing the willingness to participate

in this glorious evolution of consciousness

in grace

and with common purpose

in the art and choreography of accompaniment.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie


Welcoming your thoughts....

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