Awakening Love


In my heart and soul,

in my self and my life,

I have carried a wish

an intention from the beginning

and have time and time again

unfolded it

in small and humble ways

as much as I understood it

I experienced it

as much as I could live it.

The first line of the quest

and journey

was a wish to bring love into the world

in my age and eyes of innocence.

This is not the story of the journey or

the challenges and shortcomings,

instead it is a quiet moment of

watching a caterpillar of thought

emerge as a butterfly.


Here’s what has emerged as an insight over time.

Love lives within all of us.

It is there within every single living being.

The quest is not to give love but to share it.

As we leave the outer life to explore the inner life

of our selves, our souls, our spirits

we discover hallowed halls of beingness.

Places to become aware of the substances and essences

behind life

within us

pulsing and breathing

flowing and moving.

Practicing, learning and creating from it.

Until the quickening comes

of an awareness that serving

oneself or others

no longer serves.

Re-emerging in the sunlight of  living wisdom

a moment comes

when the awareness is clear and strong

that it is through the touch of humanness,

the gentle gaze of genuine interest,

the hand of a friend

sitting beside you

stroking your hair

in moments of life,

that love is not given,

it is awoken in the other.

And in that awakening

there is a vulnerability and delicateness

that can be shared

in the trusted circle of this love.

And through time

this true love awakened deep within

is a quiet magic

that anyone can share

by touching the heart,

the lives,

the arm,

and the hair

of another,

to awaken the love

that lies within them

waiting to be born,

waiting to emerge

in small






It is to this beautiful wisdom

that I continue to

kneel in devotion

with an undying willingness

to be there

for all living beings

holding open

a space where

sleeping beauty

can awaken

and be born

into love.


written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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