Trees of Living Wisdom

tree-of-life72 tree4Feeling that kind of core love and happiness this Sun Day morning…..tree_of_life_abstract_art__abstract__110537446ca23b2dc40f036739de1201  tree_pose_success__contemporary_figure_painting__w_figurative__figurative__10f2308b940145a141ebb9eace52ee33 tree-of-life-klimt tree-of-life-papyrus

I feel currents in my life, the kind that take you on rides, challenge you to awaken and dive in all the more intentionally, and then my favourite are the healing currents that come in the calm after the rush….a calm that has both quietness and potential, a calm that has eyes closed, while still smiling…..because there is always that pulsing current that runs through all currents, bearing the essence and substance of life itself… force, pranayama, qi….living wisdom….a never ending living wisdom that flows through all of us, and every living thing, guiding, quickening, awakening, and loving us just by its presence……The-Garden-of-the-Torah-small

Feels like the tree of life inside of me is forming a new blossom, out of the winds of change, the currents of transformation, the fires of love and the quietness of compassion.il_340x270.546501696_cil2_0 images img-thing-1 img-thing


Welcoming your thoughts....

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