Living Life, Living Wisdom


I feel ready to begin my new website/blog that I have actually had reserved for a very long time.  I realize that it has been 15 years.  I originally reserved the name because I thought I would be starting a magazine….all about natural living and wholistic approaches in life.  But true to form, I lived it instead.

I have not stopped living but life has become fuller and wider and deeper with more layers and textures.  It is in my nature to not just live for myself, instead I love to share life with others.  When I first thought about the name, I had imagined living to be a an adjective….a wisdom that was living and in so being, its presence had a kind of guidance.  And then as time went on, I realized it was a verb, and that it is in the living of one’s life that one begins living in and out of it.

Back in 1989, I began writing down in the form of a book some beginning thoughts that I called Radiating Love, Upholding Hope and Living Wisdom.  As time passed, I realized that they were somehow a type of heritage seed that I had planted into my soul’s quest, and it was not the seed that I was going to be exploring. Instead I realized as I entered into the ancient seed, I would begin living a life that was going to unfold through the years, the seasons,  and cycles of its evolution.  I would be placed inside of the environments where wisdom, beauty, love, peace, dignity existed, and I would live with them until they were no longer separate from me and I was living out of them…..

I, myself, am not wisdom.  But I am living wisdom.  I am living beauty, living peace, living love.

Had I begun years ago, I would’ve just been able to speak about their presence, now I am ready to share living out of their existence, their substances, and their essences.  It is a great joy to  begin this website and share it with others.

I feel the deep joy of new openings.



Welcoming your thoughts....

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