Shabby Chic–Weathered White

You know when you find those things that make your heart expand

and your breaths breathe quicker….

I have loved shabby chic my whole life….

I’ve been collecting those old weathered windows since I was 19…

There is this sense of beauty and history,

not crumbling away, but cracking and weathering through time.

Weathering, such a lovely word…..

living through the seasons of life with the weather.

It is what you look like and become

through the summers of sun and autumns of rain.

Weathering is the lovely breezes through the hair

and across the cheeks of the spring

and the iciness on one’s lips, cracking and smoothing and cracking again.

Weathered white, with a touch of the blue of the ocean,

or the blue of a robin’s egg,  bringing calmness and peace,

the weathered-ness that brings depth and history,

and white, ivory-lined age of beauty with stories imprinted through time.

For me shabby chic can only be obtained through the ages,

the ages of time and the ages of life.

Things don’t wither away in my world view, they weather.

They weather pure and white.  They weather storms.

They weather elegance in its loveliest sense….

making sense, entering senses, unfounded, yet delicate as a tea cup

and strong as a carved wooden door, opened and closed, entered into and exited,

welcoming and farewelling….through timelessness and time,

year after year, season after season.

Weathered white,, shabby chic soulfulness….

light-filled with wonder and weathered wisdom.

Written by LaBelle Sophie

Photographs by Shabby Chic Mania

Welcoming your thoughts....

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