Saturday Afternoon Stroll

I love to stroll with my camera.  Photo shoots are determined subjects or areas of interest like the Bicicleta Gallery.  Strolls are all about what catches my eye.  The colour is so rich here and I enjoy textures, design, architecture, beaches, skies, and people….you get the point.  I love everything and each stroll calls my attention to something else.  It’s spontaneous and light, fanciful and fun.

One story for the day.  The wide brim hat I brought down with me got wet in some of the rainfalls we had this past week, so it went from wide brim to floppy.  Floppy hats, I know are a style, but for me, they’re a pain.  Try taking photos with floppy hats!  So we stopped by a shop on the way home and saw a lovely heavy duty wide brim hat that was tight enough around my head that it was perfect for the three reasons I wanted it:  sun protection and stationary during gusts of wind and usable while taking photographs.  As I was attempting to ask how much it was in Spanish and why I loved it….I clearly wasn’t doing a great job, so the young woman had the distinct look of confusion.  So I took my “floppy” hat and put it on my head, which made her laugh out loud.  Perfect.  Then I put the new one on modeling it around the counter and she smiled.  Also perfect.  I knew we both understood each other perfectly.  What a lovely afternoon.

P.S.  If you would like to see the photos full screen, move your mouse to the upper right corner of the picture, click it once, and then the toolbar appears below the photo and you can make it fullscreen.

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