Questions, Reflections and Practices for September

Touching into time, I find myself reflecting and experiencing deeply.

My dreams have returned with familiarity and landscapes.  My soul has found itself emerging out of currents of timelessness, complete with sunrises and sunsets, eclipses and glimpses, today resting in quiet awareness and gratitude.

The trees through my window lightly moving with breezes that are delighting in the sunlight freely radiating, once again, unfettered by smoke.  Trees of blue spruce, red maple, willow wisps of elongation, and evergreens simply present, upright and breathing in and out the air that we share.

The bird sanctuary under the eucalyptus tree quietly awaiting the return of the birds who fled the smoke…wondering where they went to be safe and free.

And in this inner and outer landscape of the heart and soul of life, itself, there is beauty and peace; there are places to be and become, dwell and create, practice and perfect purpose.  There is a pulse–an in-pulse and an impulse–to relish, care, birth, tend and share life with life, and the living, and others.  There is a song in the soul that harmonizes with the quiet music of the cosmos and with other’s songs of their souls–naturally beautiful and gently pure.  Not out of poetry but out of practice and practicing relating to that which is living within and around and alongside of.

To practice is to put pondering and prayer into movement, into purpose.

To practice kindness, to practice speaking, with human dignity and passion for that which is commonly born out of striving and struggle through understanding and the alchemy of wisdom, is trusting one’s innate inner wisdom and intuition.

To dance together, to sway and sing, to sit quietly in mindful awareness and heartfelt radiance is to practice alone and together being present, fully present, to this life, this moment, this flowing current reality in time, this heartbeat, this tick of the seconds and minutes of time.

What opportunities we are given to participate in these new relations and relationships.  Relationships not born out of obligation but out of true love for all that stands and grows and glows and radiates inside of us, in front of us, between us and around us.  What a privilege it is for all of us, on this Earth, to belong to life, to be part of this living reality, impulse and radiance.


Questions & Reflections for September

–How do I relate? to life and the wonderful world of the living?

in quiet and in visible ways?

–What are my active relationships and who am I currently relating to?


–How do I care and bring my attention to all of them?

the air, the earth, the water, the birds, the animals,

the stars, the sun and the moon, the butterflies and bees,

my family, my friends, my loved ones,

the children, the women and men,

the mothers and fathers and grandparents,

and all living beings on the earth,

in subtle ways, out of my whole self?


–How can we celebrate life and living together in the spirit of sharing this life of infinite possibilities

free of designated boundaries and traditions that stifle true connectedness?


The Practices for September


–15 minute Mindfulness Meditation every morning

to be aware of ourselves, our life, our bodies and our surroundings, to start the day with presence.

( I will post some links for body scan, breathing and awareness meditations)


–Ring a bell once a day, at the same time, upon rising or mid-day,

remembering all the living connections and relationships…taking a moment to be present.


–15 minute Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation every evening before sleep

to connect kindly, lovingly, and compassionately to everyone, including ourselves

wishing everyone wellness, happiness…finding peace before sleep.

(I will also post some links)





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