March Question and Practice

It’s March, and it’s time to plan our new question for the month.

In January, we held the question: 

What is real? 

It was a wonderful question to hold open in many moments and situations,

beckoning us to stop to reflect and investigate,

just being with things as they were while experiencing and sensing what was real for us as each day passed by.


In February, we held the question: 

Who am I? 

This question evolved through the month.

To begin by asking the simple question from the inside out and the outside in, gave context.

And then as the month progressed and we found our selves living through different experiences,

it was helpful to ask who am I in this situation?  Who am I in relationship to that person?

Or simply who am I free of thought or context?


The Practice in February revolved around how to notice negative self-talk.

  And then, once noticed, taking a moment to reorient ourselves from negative thoughts

into self-compassion utilizing a practice by Rick Hanson, neuro-psychologist.

We also took time to cultivate and feel deeper moments of happiness

through practicing a list of suggestions from our peace studies.



Now here we are in March, and the question we are carrying this month is: 

What am I aware of?


March’s Practice is a meditative exercise by the Dali Lama written in his book:  How To Expand Love.

It is a beautiful practice.

We will call it:  Clear, Still Water.


How to prepare for the practice:

Take a comfortable seat with your back nicely supported so you can sit upright.

Start with three long cleansing breaths, fully breathing in, and fully exhaling out.

Begin to notice sounds around you.

Stay in the present moment

not drifting into the past or the future.

Between the time of hearing the sounds and conceptualizing their source,

let the mind flow of its own accord

sensing a quiet state of mind, devoid of thought but not asleep.

Notice the sounds as a reflection of the mind’s luminosity and knowing.

Stay with this experience for a while not conceptualizing the sounds

or creating stories from any passing thoughts

Continue sitting quietly until the true being of mind begins to appear

like still, clear water.


Welcoming your thoughts....

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