Liquid Updates

Green smoothies were part of my life before.

And now they are essentially and forever part of my life.

I have been having so much fun creating them.

Here are some of the latest combos:

Pineapple, parsley, grapefruit, apple, celery,

fresh coconut, chia and hemp seeds, water

mango, apple, orange, papaya, spinach, parsley

cilantro, swiss chard, cucumber, gogi berries

tonight, I enjoyed

pineapple, papaya and melon with water…..

so refreshing

Also, we’ve been enjoying buying fresh coconuts,

having them chopped open on the top,

placing a straw into the hole,

and drinking the fresh coconut water.

It is so delicious.

And then when that is finished,

the young man opens the whole coconut

and inside is the fresh coconut.

It is wonderful to just eat fresh

or put in our smoothies.

I’ve also enjoyed some lovely cups of green

earl grey, yerba mate and matcha teas.

Ah, liquid refreshment…..

Welcoming your thoughts....

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