Kindness, Simplicity and the Art of Imperfection

Today is our last day

and this is a picture of

this morning’s sunrise….

I awoke early

and sat on the beach in quietness

reflecting on the place inside of me

that loves the possibilities for kindness.

In this quiet moment,

there are things I recognized about myself.

I am not motivated by acquisition,

nor by personal gain.

I am deeply moved by the privilege

to quietly find and offer kindness in my day.

With an inner disposition towards

the art of accompaniment,

and recognition that we are all in this life

together, I crave simplicity and genuine interest.

I love sunrises and the beauty it offers.

I love the treasures of simply waking and talking

and finding the moments for reflection

and inspiration.

I love the art of imperfection,

of not being perfect,

not living in perfection,

not striving for perfection.

Instead I love the beauty of life

as it reveals itself

in the heartbeat of a day,

and every single living thing and being.

I love the possibility that I might be able

to offer something of myself or my skills

to alleviate someone else’s suffering.

Knowing what suffering means,

I understand the complete priceless value

when one selflessly accompanies another.

Somehow in the days,

as they unfold,

I am deeply grateful for the opportunities

and gifts each moment has to offer.

A smile, an open hand and an embrace.

The song of a bird or the sound of wings flapping overhead.

The experience of another person

whose face tells a story

and the wish for the other to feel seen, loved and appreciated.

Today is the day of transition….

packing for the plane headed north

to our homeland,

to our friends, our family,

our business, and the other parts of our  life…..

our little Sunny companion.

My heart is happy.

My mind is at peace.

My body is well.

For these three tremendous gifts,

I am deeply grateful.

And in this place of wellness,

I wish for all living beings

happiness free from suffering,

beauty in one’s day,

compassion for others in life

recognizing that each person has a story,

has a heart,

that matters,

deserves to be loved,

and is precious.

by Jill LaBelle Sophie

Pictures mine and in kindness

from Rumi fb page

One Reply to “Kindness, Simplicity and the Art of Imperfection”

  1. Kayla Amaladas says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing this website with me Jill. I love your language. I think if I can transform my language to be the art that you have created, I will be on the right path to holding the peace and love in my heart that I so desperately yearn to have.

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