How Creating a Living Wisdom Lifestyle Works on a Daily Basis

Lifestyles are about making choices. 

Once the choices are made, and continue to be made,

through cycles and seasons of change and evolving perceptions,

we are free to begin creating a life on purpose, with style,

inspired by present moment awareness and blossoming questions.


How do we want to live our lives?

What compels, inspires, awakens, and nurtures us?

What do we value?

How do we want to contribute and participate in this life together with others?

What needs to change personally and globally

out of genuine interest and awareness for ourselves and the Earth

for true growth and prosperity for everyone and every living thing?

How can we help?

How do we begin to live from the inside out

unfolding our unique expressions as contribution to the whole?

We have decided to work and begin with ten areas of Common Interest.

Each one holds the possibility to be a different coloured brush stroke in the painting of your daily life’s imagination.

Each one has a door opening into an inner and outer environment of inspiration full of creative sensations.

Each one invites us to intuitively find our way through the many layers of inquiry and questions, into the spaces and places without words, and then try to express them.

As I begin writing out our intention on our blog, whether I am practical or purposeful, thoughtful or intuitive, or whether I explore evidence-based studies, all of it is our way of introducing a Living Wisdom Lifestyle.

Here’s a few other things to know:

Living can be a verb—living out of our own wisdom or living out of an innately beautiful and larger wisdom is one way to work with this lifestyle.

Living can also be an adjective describing not just a “larger”, cosmological, mystery-filled wisdom; but also describing a wisdom that is alive, each and every day as well as forever.

If something is living, then in our world, it needs nurturing, loving, attending to, feeding, expression, movement and somewhere nourishing to live.

When I, Jill LaBelle Sophie, write “creative” pieces, I am exploring all aspects of this living wisdom as I am experiencing, creating, perceiving and living it, too.  I would love to invite each of you to begin your process of living your wisdom, becoming aware of this living wisdom all around you, and choose to begin creating a beautiful life on purpose out of the first ten areas of interest we have chosen to start with together.

Journal about it. Write. Paint. Grow it.

Let the living wisdom and lifestyle feed and sustain your body, soul and spirit.

Move with it. Express and unfold it. Surround yourself.  Become mindfully and quietly aware of it.

Feel it deeply and love, love, love it all by sharing.

Taking the time to unfold your perceptions. Your experiences. Your insights on behalf of the whole.

Sitting within, living wisely and creating out of this vastness of being human.

Holding open your heart and soul to receive the loving energy of the universe.

Offering your willingness to discover new parts of the universe and yourself, with yourself, and with others,

Out of a deep heartfelt, conscious commitment to discover and understand this Living Wisdom and Loving Energy that awakens and fills us with radiance and insight.

Why not? is the simple, obvious and practically unnecessary question.

We are currently working on content, how-to courses and trainings, and opportunities to live it and share it together.
We hope to hold open spaces literally and figuratively where we can be inspired by each other and helpful to each other through what we call The Art of Accompaniment.

For now, we begin, with joy, holding open this space to nurture this beautiful radiating reality in all its simplicity and complexity called:

Living Wisdom.
Creating a Living Wisdom Lifestyle

Imbued and surrounded by:

Adventures On The Road

All of Nature

Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration, & Intuition

Embodied Movement

Home, Hearth and Sanctuary

In the Garden

Loving Energy

Mindful Living and Meditation

Raw, Vegan, Plant-Based, Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods & Nutrition

World Hearth for Peace and Friendship Society and Community

Welcoming your thoughts....

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