Creating a Living Wisdom Lifestyle

What does Creating a Living Wisdom Lifestyle mean to us?

Living wisdom is a phrase we’ve been using for nearly 30 years. It’s been our email address and our website name.

Life, to us, is an awe-inspiring reality—a gift received each and every day through our breath and within our human embodiment. To live and become aware of this life, surrounded and embraced by its own innate substance and essence, is to recognize and perceive a beautiful beating pulse and living wisdom flowing through it all.

To live wisdom or to be awe-struck by the living wisdom around, above, below and within us depends on one’s perspective, perception and disposition.

Living within or living out of this always-available, presence of life; recognizing that we all share it on this planet; calls upon us to become aware of our inter-connectedness in the simple, yet profoundly fundamental daily conditions for being human.

To know that we live within the cycle of the sunrise and sunset and the seasonal changes of nature is to feel grounded in our participation in the cycles of this living wisdom throughout the year and in our daily lives.

To care for our individual, yet common, spaces and places, our human being-ness, and our daily lives through conscious choices each and every day is to honour this beauty, this living wisdom, thereby creating a Living Wisdom Lifestyle.

We live amidst individual and collective diversity around the world, yet in the art of living wisely, there are common interests that connect us all in a common culture of daily living.

Rod and I have lived our life together for 37 years discovering and exploring what those common interests are and that’s where we’ll begin opening our website, our blog, and our photo galleries, as a place for us to share our life and experience with you, through some of these common interests. We’ve chosen 8, with a deep wish and pure intention to participate together discerning and cultivating of a new world culture of peace through our common interests.

Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration & Intuition

Embodied Movement

Home, Hearth & Sanctuary

In the Garden

Mindful Living and Meditation

On The Road

Raw, Plant-Based, Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods

World Hearth for Peace & Friendship

Exploring what it means to live in peace through sharing and unfolding common interests and genuine interest in daily living; unfolding the essence of connected-ness, friendship and love; through the commitment to the art of accompaniment still resounds for us, each and every day.

To experience the inner beauty and wisdom of this life and to choose to create an integrated, choice-filled daily life, thereby participating in the creation and cultivation of a new world culture of peaceful friendly living inspires us to share our thoughts, perceptions and experiences. We wish to contribute in some small way to the world dialogue that is shifting from acquisition to common purpose.

We have raised a family, grown organic gardens, opened our home, hearth and sanctuary and remain hopelessly in love. We have daily practices to become more giving and loving, kind and aware, mindfully and full of heart meditatively. We fall in love over and over again with raw, whole living nutrient dense foods, fruits and vegetables that miraculously appear year after year out of a seed and a season. We’ve lovingly raised three precious children, now beautiful adults, as well as precious animals. Our commitment to peace and living wisdom in ourselves, our home and our lives inspires us to be true to the love that fills us, radiating out in all directions.

Understanding what’s available to us and what’s asked of us to contribute each and every day, has allowed us to create our life together, to live our lives in the fullness of that awareness, and to bring dignity to the ordinary. We are always a work in progress. We are humble and imperfect, but we are enthusiasts about hugging this life that has been given to us with so much love and gratitude. And, we’ve devoted ourselves to this question, among many:

What is life?

How can we care and nurture it?

Live it. Love it. Grow it. Embellish and create it. Mind it. Feel it. Flow and move with it.

How can we devote ourselves to fully honouring it, opening deeper and wider its living environments to share with each other—people, plants, animals and this whole beautiful living planet.

In our lives, we are not searching for meaning or success. We’re not accumulating or controlling our lives.
Instead, we have given our lives over to this thing called love and life, living wisdom and beauty, peace, presence and perception, and out of that our choices are informed.


To truly care and sustain life, to behold the beauty and creative living wisdom in this life, and to begin cultivating, one home at a time, a new diverse and beautiful world culture of peace and friendship.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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