Changing Times

It feels like times are changing, for me, and then, really, when are they not.

I’m slowly weaning myself off of facebook, saying goodbye to faces on my account, but not to friends. I find social media such a curious reality. In so many ways, it’s unreal, yet what it does do is broaden contexts.

I think in pictures, so I love everything visual. That’s what keeps me there a while longer until I can find how to touch in each day to lovely visuals, some sweet words of striving or pondering, or possibly sharing an inspired moment with friends.

It’s not clear yet. But what is clear is that I like real time, present time, real friends, and present day conversations. Currently, I allow facebook to play the role of “pen pals” or “sharing with friends pals.” In reality, I’m having some questions especially after reading that we all should be covering the little camera on our laptop that I, up to this point, knew about but frankly never noticed while I was typing before. Instead of a third eye awakening between my brows, at the moment I see it, it feels as if there’s a laser of inquiry being directed into my brain not my living life; and frankly, it is way to invasive, especially for an introvert.

So today I will tape this unasked for opening, I will ponder how I will work in life with the living, how I will support this inner and outer life, from the Earth to the Cosmos, with all the light in between us. There’s change in the air….and I’m okay to just let the breeze make its way through my inner being of openness…my inner sanctuary of grace and living.

This is just the tip of the melting iceberg of questions I am now living with.

One thing I do know is that I love to write so that is where I will continue my exploration of the questions and queries: within and out of the darkness and the light of our universe, of my home, hearth and sanctuary; out of my inner place of dwelling, interior castle of creative renewal and my inner sanctuary of love and living wisdom. That remains constant.

There are some new books and daily practices I have begun. I have decided that my hand placed gently on my heart or my palms pressed together held to my heart is a lovely way to greet people, not because of any dogma or even ritual, simply because it is lovely to touch my heart, and others daily, out of true acknowledgement, honour, respect, and human dignity.

That is, and has always been, foundational for me, seeing the light in others, honouring the light in the universe, and now I am open to live with the light daily being open, available and aware.

photographer unknown

Namaste dear Earth, dear family and friends.

My heart honours your heart.

My mind honours your mindfulness.

My presence respects your presence.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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