April’s Question and Practice

Well, this month has had a life of its own.  Although we began our new question and practice for April on time, daily life has consumed us until this day, April 16, making it impossible to write  about April’s intention.

But here I am and here we are now; and, yes, I am ever so grateful to carry on, which leads me into the new question for April:  What am I grateful for?

It’s interesting to imagine that every question has many sides, but also two.  This question can be in a setting of positivity where it is joyful to notice what one is grateful for.  The other setting can happen in a not-so-pleasant, or negative moment, where searching for what one is grateful for can only help find the next step or a sense of balance in a chaotic moment.

Either way, to find gratefulness in one’s mind, heart and self, brings a wave of calm, a moment of repose and a lovely little dose of self-compassion.

It’s been a great exercise and practice this month. In so many ways, it can seem ordinary and simple, but here’s the thing I’ve discovered passing through the many waves of trauma and years of living.  Simple is good.  Bringing a little extra to ordinary is sweet.  And creating a beautiful picnic basket full of personal tools, practices, and exercises is essential for our well being and the art of living (v.) wisdom.

What’s the practice for this month?  Offering kindness daily to one person.

We chose one person a day, because it is easy to start things, but always harder to maintain.  So instead of 5 one day and 0 the next, we thought one steady flow through the entire month would be interesting.  Interesting in many ways:  will I remember?  what does it really mean to be kind?  what are the noticeable and unnoticeable ways of offering something sweet or generous or attentive to another?

Instead of a list of ideas.  I’ve decided to write down synonyms for the word kind.  The world of imagination loves lots of space to create moments of opening up the world, the place and the moments of kindness.

Synonyms for kindness
compassionate, generous, affectionate, altruistic, benevolent, cordial, courteous, decent, gentle, humanistic, patient, sweet, sympathetic, considerate, thoughtful, understanding, amicable, good-natured, ethical, concerned, pleasant, mindful, tolerant, unselfish, heartfelt, and helpful.
When I think about kindness I also think about someone who has cultivated a genuine interest in life and in the well-being of others.  I think about people who recognize, without a doubt, that we are all in this lovely world and life together–not just noticing or setting intentions, rather being there for each other generously in many of life’s two-sided moments freely giving of one’s time, heartfully involved and mindfully present.


Welcoming your thoughts....

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