A Time to Rejuvenate

Every year we take time to rejuvenate.

It is an important part of our yearly rhythm,

our health and our well being.

I use the word often and I wondered:

What is the definition of rejuvenate?

So I looked it up and smiled.

One definition is:

to make young or youthful again,

to give new vigor, and to restore.

Another one said:

the phenomenon of vitality and freshness being restored.

How lovely, indeed,

to read just what this time feels like to us.

Stepping through the synonyms

it becomes even more poetic and truer

and perfectly clear–

recharge, refresh, recreate, regenerate,

renew, repair, restore, and revitalize.

The warmth of the sun, the living presence of the ocean,

the beauty of nature, the colour of the flowers,

the raw foods and smoothies, simple living and eating,

healthy walks and exercising, meeting friends,

dancing on the beach, stargazing, reading,

learning new things and languages,

relaxing, enjoying, loving, being,

meditating, sharing, dreaming and renewing…..

these are the reasons

we take a moment to rejuvenate each year.

This is why we come to Mexico now.

In the past, it was broader,

we were doing World Hearth work,

unfolding friendships in everyday living,

and maybe someday again….

but right now, it is a Rod and Jill time

for happiness, striving and pleasure.

This is my ode to gratitude–

to the peace of this place and the happiness found.

This time, this writing, is a personal piece,

yet I wish rejuvenation for everyone.

Times and moments

during the days and weeks

of responsibilities to replenish

essential, priceless and precious.

And out of this recreating of life,

I can see a new garden emerging

from the seeds planted…..

Happy Springtime Gardening to everyone.

Happy Rejuvenation!


Welcoming your thoughts....

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