The Originality of Life

A landscape of human life

appears and reveals itself

in the depth

and lightness of colour,

offering awareness

of its dimension.

Beings and babies


in this space between


into a new geometry

of perception.

Just looking.

Just breathing

Just noticing

moment by moment.

With a lifetime of situations,


dispositions, relationships,

and responsibilities,

knitted garments

of visual character,

incorporate and attach

themselves to human

skin as a person’s ally,

to the body of live cells,

neuro-networks, and

sparks of energy


to be me.

An accumulated thickness

of skin personalized,

as the way we see ourselves,

live our lives,

and define our personages,

begins weaving and knitting

threads of living together.

In between the gaps

of the entwined threads of life

a glimpse of nothing,

no one thing,

no garment,

no disposition,

no single signature,

just life itself

as incredible stillness,

fullness, renewable energy, and

realms of infinite possibilities,

with an added awareness of

how tight the knitted garment

feels and how defined we

become by it.

And slowly, one day

the thread is pulled and

the unraveling of a lifetime,

or a moment, begins

to pop and stretch out

as far as the eye can see

and there is timelessness

to breathe and move again.

Beings and babies being


in the space between,


into a new geometry

of perception.

Just looking.

Just breathing.

Just noticing

moment by moment.

Unraveling our roles

served well and deeply,

allowing time and time again,

to come back

to the space of self-less-ness,

allowing true nature

to simply be itself

in whatever situation, disposition,


it finds itself in.

undefined, yet valued,

always present and whole as

no one thing,

yet at the same time everything,

vital to the whole

free to be,

part of the beauty

of this universe,

this one verse,

we all are born out of.

Extinguishing the fight or fright,

flight or fear of suffering

inviting our selves to light a candle

of devotion,

out of the essence of love

we all are.

Substantially present

to live within the vastness

of everything that always is

and always will be,


Each life offering distinction,

embellishment, contrast and illumination

upon the parts that show

how the vast waters flow,

or the colours coincide and blend,

how the music shapes notes

that harmonize

with voices melting into words of



and common-ness.

Then, will suffering be lifted

when we see ourselves,

not only in the eyes of others,

but part of each other,

as we unravel the cloaks of

personality and invisibility

allowing the lightness of each human being

to sparkle and shine

glide and swim

notice and care

be of value

to that which is living



and everywhere

in the originality of life.

Written by Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie

Mykal Aubry, Artist

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