The Orchestrations of Life

It was interesting for me, this morning. to experience words as carriers of breath so when spoken, they sounded like intonations coming through different kinds of instruments, offering different varieties of perceptions and awareness.

When the formation of breath is concentrated, there are so many ways it can be written into the form of letters which create words, just like notes and music.

Spoken with feeling or written with understanding, the breath creates a sound, sets a tone and sets out to hold open a space for expression and experience.

Seen as a collection of letters on a page or simply words conveying insights of meaning or illumination, when combined, they create a stream of consciousness that resounds through the orchestration of breathing inwardly and flowing outwardly, through the one of the many instruments of poetic disposition.

By definition an orchestra is a group of musicians with a variety of instruments, through which music is played and heard.

This orchestration of life, that I’m alluding to, is a group of words with a variety of instruments receiving them on the wings of breath and then playing them and speaking them as one piece, one story, one song.

Symphonies of consciousness as groups of words create new air waves of insight, intuition and wisdom when spoken or played together, through the intonations of composition, creativity, and the instruments that carry the breath.

If you put together these instruments, they can create the symphony orchestrating the presence of life’s enigmas and beauty, the depths and the heights.

What happens when the word can speak for itself, when you have words that create an image, or a single word to set a tone, and then they unfold meaning through an instrument of expression.

If you place together many instruments of expressions through words speaking for themselves, what new orchestration of the living will appear, what symphony will be heard by everyone, what songs will be sung out of the soul’s ability to respond out of adoration to ” the wings of breath” by the chorus of human voices?

To explore the beauty of human comprehension and expression, is to allow the inner and outer human being’s voice to be heard as one instrument of the many, in order to contribute to the world soul’s train of thought, the world’s impulse to love, and living the next verse of “we are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a better day, so let’s start giving.”

To be open, to hold open one’s heart, every single day,

to breathe in and breathe out rhythmically, clearing one’s mind,

is the very disposition needed to be the instruments of beauty,

living wisdom, peace, lightness, warmth, kindness and compassion;

To be fully human is to be open.

To be open is to recognize we are all instrumental in composing, choreographing,

and contributing to this large, shared circle of life, with every breath we take.

Each one of us brings music to the ears, poetry to the heart and soul, movement to the body and noble words of the wisdom to each and every day.

What could this all possibly mean practically?

For me, it is drawing attention to the fact that each of us has a voice, a way to participate, contribute and converse. We have the ability to respond with a new way of speaking. A speaking which is composed of filling our beings with a breath of fresh air and allowing it to form letters, and create new words, and speak a new language of love, respect, and genuine interest. A language of creativity and living wisdom that knows our throats and speech give rise to speaking the truth, when we breathe, when we sit together, when we compose words like music. When we write words that speak for themselves because inside the words, is the breath of life, the beauty of the universe, the instruments of peace and the heart of gold rising to the larynx of love pushing to express itself. It is a different starting point. It does not change the familiarity of life, it brings dignity, human dispositions of dignity.

To see ourselves as breaths of fresh air, open spaces, bearers of light and warmth, capable of understanding just how to tend and care for this living environment of wisdom all around us, is to be humble, not vain; is to be willing to embrace this world as a whole, not conquer and control it.

It is time, for a metamorphosis into a new world culture of peace, to begin from the inside out, where all mothers and all fathers, grandparents and children of the entire universe, our common home, begin to think, speak, share, and care as a world family of neighbourhoods.

We need to simply change the starting point from running the world with money, control and greed of countries and begin all conversations from how can we save the family of humanity, the home of Earth, the living beings we share this life with. How can we grow organic gardens. We need to make this control of money extinct and introduce new ways of cooperating and sharing resources as a flowing consciousness of peace and understanding and compassionate awareness that with no life, money and greed no longer matter. With no more mothers, there are no more children. When the breath of life is not longer breathing, there’s nothing.

Mothers are the greatest CEOs of life. They create everything out of nothing beautifully. We need the respect for those who understand how to birth a life, not take it away; for those who know how to create and sustain a daily life, not just chase money and wealth.

We need to save the world with love.

But first we need to clear the slate

and sit and breathe together to find that common awareness

where we all have a place in the sun

where there’s hope for everyone…..

Written by Jillian RoseMary LaBelle Sophie

Welcoming your thoughts....

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