The Fascination of Water, Light and Movement

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  1. Thank you Ramona. It’s nice to hear your recollections and gratitude. I find each shoreline of the ocean is so different. Each wave is so unique in size, colour, transparency, and force. When it comes up against something, it has such a unique way of expressing itself heading up and out in all directions so sometimes I can see the shapes of icicles in the fluidity, or raindrops rising, or just a wave that’s unfolding its final exhalation. I’ve experienced the morning light on the water, as pure light, not just reflected light. A light that maintains its own integrity as does the water, but they move together in such a brilliant kind of way, it turns into a deeper experience. My favourite times by the ocean are before and at sunrise, when not only the magnificient colour-filled sun appears, but the birds arise and soar in delight over the water. I love the hour after sunrise. It feels fresh and clear, with the feeling of a new dawn embracing an awakening, rising ocean. And I just love the late afternoon sun around 4 on the beach. The ocean is so established in its breathing, the sun has lessened its strength, and it is a time we just enter the ocean softly to move ourselves quietly through the water for long periods of time. We also love lying on the beach on one towel during that late afternoon by the water’s edge, listening to someone reading a novel to us, via our library audiobooks, with one set of shared earplugs. Yes, it’s, indeed, heaven and healing. Thank you for sharing your joy and experiences.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Jill….having grown up on the southern California coast, the ocean is a big part of my soul life…I miss it often, and am so grateful for all the time I’ve been able to spend near the sea over the years…such a powerful healer!!! <3

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