Questions of the Heart

So many questions I’ve been carrying in my heart for days:
How can we all flourish at the same time, each in our own way?
When will the well-being of being alive,
become the starting point of worldwide personal and mutual conversations?
When did we forget that life is alive
in each one of us?
Just imagine if life spoke for itself, through every living thing?
What would happen if every single day, around the world,
we held the “baby of life”
the “essence and substance of life”
in our arms,
deciding how to feed, nurture, protect and love this shared life?
Imagine if war went bankrupt
and peace was planted as a flower seed
and all of us became the gardeners?
When will all the suffering reach the tipping point of insight,
awareness, kindness, compassion, world peace and friendship?
When will it dawn, that we are all in this together?
 For now, peace is in every step we take,
every action we do, every way we choose to live our lives,
holding an awareness of others.
Peace begins within each one of us.

Welcoming your thoughts....

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