World Hearth for Peace and Friendship Society and Community Update

We are very grateful this year to continue opening the inner and outer environments of World Hearth. For those of you who don’t know us, here are some facts about World Hearth Society. Here is our history. We were incorporated as a nonprofit society in British Columbia, Canada, on June 2, 2003 . This year, […]

World Hearth Meeting in Chemax and a Quick Visit to Rosalia’s Home, Garden and Family

Janet’s 19th Birthday Party in Nicte-Ha

Our World Hearth Friends from Altos de Sevilla & Bacalar

Our World Hearth Friends in Chemax

How Creating a Living Wisdom Lifestyle Works on a Daily Basis

Lifestyles are about making choices.  Once the choices are made, and continue to be made, through cycles and seasons of change and evolving perceptions, we are free to begin creating a life on purpose, with style, inspired by present moment awareness and blossoming questions.   How do we want to live our lives? What compels, […]

Creating A Life On Purpose

What is a living wisdom lifestyle?    What is creating a life on purpose? A living wisdom lifestyle is a commitment to consciously live a life and create a life simply each and every single day out of a never-ending, loving appreciation for its presence inside, outside and around us.   A living wisdom lifestyle […]