Total Solar Eclipse–The Illumination

Today compels me to sit with the eclipse fully in process, and begin writing.

The world is waiting for the Moon to cross over in front of the Sun and bring night to day.

For me, I am experiencing something else, as well.  If I place myself, between the warmth of the presence of the sun and wisdom of the presence of the moon, I can experience the yin and the yang, the divinely feminine and the balanced masculine gently revealing themselves in this story of the cosmos.

Inside I do not feel the coming of the darkness, instead placing myself between the presence of the Sun and the Moon, I feel the moment has finally come where the radiating love of the Sun will illuminate the beauty and the wisdom of the Moon between each other.

I experience that when the skies go dark, the living wisdom of the universe will appear and be illuminated by the light and love of the cosmos from a different perspective.  It feels quiet.  It feels large.  It feels deep and profound….to see the stars and the night sky in the day, not because the eclipse is bringing darkness.  Instead because the light is delighting and honouring the appearance of what is divinely raw and beautifully feminine as a balance.

It is a moment in time and timelessness, where the living wisdom that births, nurtures, and tends to all of life, and the living, has the potential to be experienced, inwardly and outwardly, by the lessening of the sun, but most importantly by the awareness, the honouring and the illumination of the Sun’s consciousness willingly kneeling in great awe and wonder as the splendour and dignity of the Leo Queen appears, bringing a new presence and new realms and aspects of infinite possibilities.

We are not entering into darkness, without the sun’s enduring rays of consciousness, instead we are entering into the moment where the majestic living wisdom of the cosmos, in all its fullness, is bestowing her presence, and being illuminated for those who have the eyes to see her.

She is full of clear intentions, depths of living wisdom, cycles of time and infinite heartbeats that bring kindness and love, care and dignity, to the daily life of being and to existence itself through her beauty of flowing freely through space and time, creating, birthing and sustaining life and the living.

The crowned relationship of the sun and the moon, consciousness and wisdom, has so much energy and love, that to look upon it directly would bring blindness by the light.

Today, I too, kneel in awe and wonder, in deep devotion to this Living Wisdom in the universe.  I take my sun’s light and bring illumination, not to the dark, but upon this breath-taking presence, which I adore and committed my life to, long, long ago.

May she take her seat at the round tables of discussions, may she stand tall in her inner beauty and strength being acknowledged and may she begin participating in our world full of ease and swiftness.

May our souls be illuminated by our spirits.  May we all take our seats in the circle of the heart, with others.

May we rise with truth, beauty and wisdom to love and care for this place we live called Earth, each other and all that is living.

May we love the light and warmth and living wisdom of the universe and kneel with clear intention, to serve and be aware and commit willingly to abide together in peace.

May we illuminate each other’s souls.  Love the stars. And partake in the radiating love of the world.

From our perspective on Earth, we could experience the sun go through a complete moon cycle visually.  It went from a round sun, to a crescent sun, to a new sun.  Some photos I took as it reflected itself in nature.  Crescent suns everywhere!



I’m Jill LaBelle Sophie quiet writer, designer from the inside out, birther of life & gardener of the living.

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