i was thinking on my run this morning, how important it is that we claim what is ours to claim with happiness, like our health and how we eat. i can’t help but think it is just better to eat light right now with so little movement. i also think peace of mind is essential […]

On The Wings of Song

during my run this morning, i had so many experiences. the first was bringing along a question i awoke with this morning: why do i write? i love questions and i loved hearing myself answer my own question as my feet kept planting themselves one in front of the another. ……….. i write for several […]

A New World Culture of Friendship

Okay…such an interesting gentle, quiet ride through the fields and meadows of life, heading up tall mountains and soaring down the other side, swimming through rivers to get to the other side and back floating skyward in the ocean these days. On the one hand, it’s quiet inside; on the other hand, it’s active. And, […]

On the Wings of Loving Kindness

photo by jillian my quiet voice says, i think the big blue sky of awareness is what’s being asked for right here, right now. everyday rod and i speak together, trying to understand what is essential for our and everyone’s well being.  we read, we research, and we observe. every day we make new decisions. […]

Opening Windows of Light

photograph by jillian Writing, for me, is to experience the depth of a moment and move my hand with pen in such a way that a picture is painted and reflected, while unfolding before one’s inner eye, a feeling filled with colour, dimension and perspective. And so I turn my gaze to a phrase which […]

Heart and Soul

my heart this morning was whispering to my soul about affectionately and gently noticing one another in the realms of infinity, that has no time. to be seen, quietly, in a moment. wondering how one maintains a connection as the inside of time moves forward in space, while the outside embodies seasons and cycles of […]

A Moment–Vivid and Ethereal

So all i can say is it’s a moment…. the dreams are vivid and ethereal, the moment open and fragile clear and unclear…. It’s a moment of recognizing history doesn’t actually repeat itself, there’s an evolution of consciousness or not, but generations change and so do moments. It’s a quiet moment, yet participatory. let’s just […]