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Reflections of a Water Lily


Water has a quality of being transparent within a substance



It has depth and a kaleidoscope of movement

unaffected by form.



Water fills our body’s vessel with refreshment

flowing through corridors of renewal and expression


It rises and falls

Water warms and cools.

It is a substance that holds our essence

while giving and receiving.


It penetrates and releases from matter

finding ways to move through blocked areas

or held places  that flow and overflow.


Water can be still

and held within a vessel,

of the earth’s embrace,


The moon moving within its pearly hues of inner reflection

while the sun enters in with warmth and a light of outer reflection.


The water lily

with roots deep into the etheric substance of this fluidity,

present in itself,


flowing and floating and being

just where it’s supposed to be

upon the water

growing tall within the substance of life itself.


It is the reflection of a water lily

pure and delicate

within its element


that bears within itself,

an eloquence and presence of beauty

in the living wisdom

it maintains.


By Jill LaBelle Sophie

Paintings by Claude Monet

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Contemplations of Insight

Divine Feminine Spirit Kinuko Craft















Within my body I dwell.

And I ask, where is this dwelling?

And, who am I?


Within the breath, there is a substance of life

that is carried in and out of my simple

dwelling of beauty

and the rooms of my mind,

which are many.

These rooms that are open and closed

empty and full,

according to a dna blueprint or a star-filled constellation

that I move in and out of

or that moves me.


And I ask, who is me, within this orchestration?

Am I a mansion of rooms

full of knowledge, logic, thoughtfulness and intelligence

or is it a castle full of perception, acquired wisdom and creativity?

And my heart, is it not but a chamber

leading to a far more profound environment

elegantly open, light-filled and peaceful….

a place called my soul, my home, my hearth, my sanctuary.


And yet, within the body, the mind, the soul,

there is this space and place where I dwell,

where I live, where I think and contemplate, where I create.

And I ask, who is me?  Who am I? Where am I in it?


And in the quietness of my being

and gentleness of my presence,

in-between what I see,

and on the wings of my breath,

I experience that….


I am what emerges

from the unfolding

of my willing participation

in the realms of active imagination.


I am what radiates from

the expression of love

in my inspirations.


And I am what transpires peacefully

from my quiet awakening &

perceptive intuition.


I am, then,

the creation

that appears from

out of that active engagement.


And I ask, it is light?  Is it love?

And I hear the words, it is you.

And I see in stillness,

that it is the unique part of me and of all of us

undefinable by nature, yet inwardly perceptible.


We all have breath, life, heart, mind and body.

We all have an inner place to dwell,

an interior castle of creative impulses

and we all have an inner sanctuary of quiet stillness

whenever it is discovered.

And I ponder, is not then, what I am and who I am

the unfolding, appearing, and arising

through time and living life itself,

a living wisdom that holds within it

my unique way of being,

sharing, telling, living and creating

my story of life in the world,

authentic just to me, built up over the years of engagement?


Does this me, this ever evolving appearance, creation and presence,

give me then the gifts and abilities to open, unfold and create my life,

within my full, multi-dimensional self, uniquely?

And a resounding yes fills the air

knowing that when I bring dignity to the ordinariness of every day living,

through the unfolding of my 1000-a-day imaginative ideas,

my radiating and heartfelt passionate and loving inspirations

and my compassionate, mindful and perceptive intuition,

equally and always aware of the truth

and integrity of life for everyone else around me,

in the world, on the planet,

I am creation.

I am me.

And most of all, I just am.


In any given moment, I am love.  I am beauty, and I am peace.

I am the living wisdom that has created me

through my participation with the living substances and essences of life,

out of my inner and outer quiet places of dwelling in the world within dignity,

within the neurology and rooms of my mind and perception,

within my heart of emotions that colour, but not form me,

and within my body,

that gifts me the possibility to embrace, take up and live my life

out of the wellsprings of this ever-filling, ever-flowering,

and ever-flowing fountain and wellspring of light.


And I am filled with an image of many flowing waters

overflowing from everyone’s growing and overflowing

wellsprings of living wisdom

creating new ways of being humanly together

when we know ourselves,

when we create ourselves

and when we share of ourselves.

Waters that begin to refresh the Earth

and bring refreshment to each other.

The breath of life

The waters of life

I in you and you in I

And all of us in the beautiful world together

uniquely sharing in the art of accompaniment

this preciousness of existence

this something we call Life.


written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

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Unlocking the Riddle

1922306_10152412509733185_1024475314026750552_nWithin every person, family, community and country, there is a riddle to unlock.  There is a challenge to be met.  There is an opportunity to discern what the problem is in order to find a solution.

In this day and age, anger prevails as a right and a solution.  Coveted thoughts are assumed to be true and terror arises at the thought that solutions are found by looking into one’s own heart and soul and self.  The war on terror, in my humble opinion began the day the unconsciousness of humanity split open for all to see.  Instead of reviewing, assessing, and determining out of a concentrated effort and collective knowledge how to move forward, another war was declared, this time against the evolution of consciousness.

On a smaller scale, within each of our human souls, there is a story unfolding from the moment of first appearance at birth.  The story is beautiful, true and authentic.  It is each of our responsibilities to script that story, by being aware, being true to one’s understandings and passions in life.  We are all born into a family, personal or worldwide.  We belong to this circle of life, this family of humanity and each of us come in with a riddle of sorts, placed in our life due to circumstances.  It is the quest of life to unlock those riddles so that the beautiful story of our lives can flow out into the world as a gift.  Offering ourselves, and all we hold dear, all we hold true, by accompanying each other on the journey, is the greatest joy imaginable.  To share, to love and to live together in this beautiful environment called Earth, our home, is a remarkable opportunity.

Last week, I unlocked the riddle of my life.  It was a poignant moment where the unconscious challenge met the conscious self.  It was intense, yet it was the moment I had somehow been working towards my whole life, so that at the precise moment of exchange and interchange, I unlocked the riddle of my soul’s story and the domino effect unfolded through time.

It felt like the chains were de-linking the thoughts that believed the challenge had been true, for so many years.  The challenge I had to understand, work out, find closure to, etc.  It was not a large firework display or a sense of freedom, the kind you want to run and jump and skip away with.  Instead, with steady heart and clear mind, I finally saw it all for what it was, this riddle……it was a lie because it wasn’t true, and that was the challenge, to see through the riddle in order to see myself.  Standing side by side with this riddle planted inside my soul so many years ago, it was the moment when I could say with certainty, thank you for what you have brought to me and it’s time to say goodbye.  Fill in your own blanks, whatever you believe is your challenge, your shadowed, negative beliefs about yourself.  Because the challenge is not true.  What is true is the living body of presence, the beautiful soul of stories, and the passionate spiritedness that lives within each of our light-filled participation.  The world thrives on what is wrong with humanity.  Our individual riddles thrive on our vulnerability.  Imagine a new world culture built out of the beauty and light of each one’s story, accompanying and collaborating, sharing and living together.


This moment in time and timelessness has brought me a rich and deep inner peace, and a lively joy for continuing on the path of unfolding my story.  It also made it perfectly clear to me that my love is truly to continue to open and create living environments where love and beauty and this essence of a living wisdom found in the nature of these environments can live, and grow, and provide a place for all of us to belong, be loved, and be well.

So whether I was holding open the inner environment of love for welcoming a new life, a new story, a new child into the world, my children, or whether I’m holding open the space, nurturing the seeds and feeding the soil so the gardens will grow and bloom and feed….I have a joy on this day, my birth day….that I have carried that authentic part of my story through time, faithfully, certainly not so gracefully at times, but ever so committed to finding the true, the good and the beautiful in life, in this precious life, that is a gift, each and every day.

Today I am celebrating my story of life and of living through all the mysteries and miracles and challenges it has to offer.  Today, I feel the joy of that complexity through quintessential simplicity.  My heart is overflowing with love.  My body is full of breath and joy at the prospects of preparing, creating and unfolding many new environments with others.  My soul is singing lightly with the fullness of my story and all the other stories I am part of, I know of, and I wish to honour.  My spiritedness is calm and sure this day seeing the light and wisdom in the sparkling story of the stars, in the warmth and love of the radiating sun, in the comfort and living beauty this Earth has to offer each one of us.


Love lives

within the nature of environments.

It has colour and passions that surround us

in the story of our lives

in the seed unfolding

in the water that refreshes.

Emotions are embellishments

and simple embraces,

meant to be fluid

gazed upon as a flowing river

turning blue and yellow into green.

Authenticity lies within

the environments of us,

with the qualities of a star

a sun, the rain, a river, a breeze, a breath

Within the nature of environments

we dwell

we create

we uphold

we live and have our selves

to dwell within

to create from

to uphold this inner beauty,

passionate beauty

graceful beauty

beholding a living wisdom.

Anger is easy.

Love is hard,

to see the good in someone else

to find the uplifting solution and commonality.

The riddles of life, breaking open around us

With a clearness that dismisses the lies

that dam the flow of living and loving

with human dignity.

We are all here

with a story to tell,

a life to live


each one matters.

Life a gift of living

out of one’s true self, or seed, or story

It’s time to dispel the world lies,

the terror of looking inside,

the belittling of love and nurturing.

For everyone,

every single person who is alive,

is worthy of love

and capable of loving

in the right living environment.

It is the gift of life.

It is the gift of life.


written by Jill LaBelle Sophie

May 29, 2014

with love

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I am loving my yoga practice.

It is a time for me

to go deeply inward

in new ways, for new times,

coming into and staying connected to my body,

releasing my thoughts and emotions,

and following the flow of my breath

discovering new places.

In my Monday Yin Yoga class, we are taking up the 9 Rasas

which are the nine essences of emotions…..

It is a thoughtful process.

While taking yin poses

that take you to that edge,

yet still continuing to breathe,

words are spoken about the rasas.

This week we allowed the words to flow through the spaces

within and around to be with sadness.

Well, it was interesting….

the beginning always speaks about letting go on all levels,

yet as I’ve been working consciously within this  place of sadness

inside of myself

and thoughtfully observing it in life itself,

I ‘ve come to experience that sadness is more than an emotion to let go of

and more than just the absence of.

It is a fundamental building block of our lives.

It is elemental in nature and transformative in essence.

As we were deepening and breathing and holding,

the place of compassion arose as a sister of this sophia,

this living wisdom,

as I like to call them.

And, once again,

I felt quiet in this place of presence

and honouring of the gift

of compassion.

For it is only when one goes through the rocky depths

of conscious perception and awareness  of life,

that the interest to share the complexities

and fragility of this delicate life can begin to take hold.

For when the turning inside out of all emotions occurs,

  it is not emptiness that is found,

but instead it is the fire and passion for life itself.

And it is in this moment

that one truly  knows beyond a shadow of a doubt

that we’re all in this together

and that love, warmth, companionship

and care for each other

and everything that is living

is our quest.

How we do it, is our freedom.

As I come to a time in my life

where individuals my age

are near or actively retiring,

I am not in that position.

I have traveled through the years of my life

walking through mists of darkness often,

carrying only the light of my thoughts,

the warmth and light of my heart and soul,

and the certainty that the interior of our beingness

was an essential part of human existence.

This has been and still is

my life work.

Payment has not come in the form of weekly cheques

or outer recognition,

instead I have had to yes, struggle at times,

and be at peace, at other times,

with knowing that my work in perceiving

and finding the words to describe

the perceptions of the inner life

and our multi-layered ways of being,

is fundamentally who I am.

And as suffering and sadness,

throughout my many years,

has been difficult,

it was also the path to going beyond the emotions,

into the depths of perception and transformation

finding the delicate words and phrases

that could somehow express the joys and transformations

of becoming fully awake and fully human.

I am well aware

that I might not have even made it to the tip of the iceberg of understanding

thereby being able to share those thoughts with others,

but what I do know with deep certainty

is that

what I have truly come to do

is love.

It is something,

as a twenty or so year old, I’d write poetry about,

I dedicated my life to,

and little did I know when it was still so sweet,

that that dedication to love,

would bring about such depths of tumultuous journeying,

forming my life’s work,

imprinting itself upon me.

And yet, it has been so.

As we continued to speak about sadness today in class,

we spoke about compassion

and unexpectedly,

I felt the place inside of me

that has exercised and fostered compassion,

over the years,

sigh with relief,

as the beautiful gestures and capacities

inside my embodiment felt acknowledged,

quietly and simply.

Last week, when we took up the rasa of courage,

I was breathing into the inner corridors of my existence

and felt the etheric muscles that had strengthened,

over time,

from a life striving to be full of courage,

willing to face life’s challenges,

with my heart and face forward

and my mind willing to sort things out,

so that life

could continue

to move forward gently.

When I left class last week,

I was overcome by the decision

to foster kindness in my day

and in my week.

I wanted to bring kindness

and be kind to everyone I met.

There was one older woman whose face

I will never forget.

She looked so sad when she was walking by

and I greeted her

and spoke a few words of kindness

and her face shone

in that moment.

And I felt such gladness that she felt happiness.

Today we spoke about sadness connected to loneliness

and I know deeply,

for it is one of my pearls wisdom,

that indeed there is no way

to take away someone else’s sadness and loneliness.

But what we can do

is be kind,

be loving

and be present,

and in that moment, in that precious space,

true interest

will allow the other to unfold a little,

or maybe even open up into a full bloom.

And when the moment comes when one walks through compassion,

what lies on the other side is kindness.

It is a place

where we can find kindness

for ourselves

 kindness for each other

and kindness for all that is living.

For in kindness,

the essence of life

can flow freely

and hearts can awaken

to the gentle presence of genuine interest.

And within this living interest,

one can truly rest for a moment of repose

knowing another has seen you

and wishes for you the very, very best

you can be,

by sharing little by little

who you are.

Sadness, compassion, kindness and interest…..

one of the lovely golden threads

and streams of thought

in this incredible flow of life.

Today, I could see myself.

It is not something that I can often do.

How do you see kindness or love?

Yet today, as I breathed into my embodiment on every level,

as I took interest in the rasa of sadness and it in me,

I saw myself

and felt my soul blossoming,

but this time not just inside,

this time,

I felt the beauty of it



I shall never re-tire,

instead I dedicate my life

and my continuing journey

to re-newal

and all the gifts and grace

it has to bring.

A long time ago, I wrote about the mother of purity,

the maiden of inner beauty

and the queen of creative renewal

and amazing grace

as a path and gesture

of the awakening soul.

And today,

I stand quietly in front of those images

as I kneel and acknowledge

they in me


I in them.


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The Breath of Life

Today in my yoga class,

I had a growing awareness of the breath

breath as life

breathing as living

breath as guiding and embodying.

Without breath, there is no life

The breath of life

The last breath.

Within the structure of me

there are places and spaces

corridors and hidden spots

awaiting the light of breathing

to embody the space

to release the darkness

to fill and embellish the open places

with the swiftness and presence of the breath.

And in the ending moments of shavasana,

my tear ducts overflowed quietly

with a fountain of tears

and a cry to my breath

to guide me, to help me, find my way,

inside my embodied life,

recognizing that I stand on a new threshold

as newly emerging from the aftermath

of moving through the speed of light

transporting me to a new place of existence

asking for me to find my way

by finding myself anew

in the aftermath of change.

And in those tears and place of timelessness and time,

the realization poured forth revealing

the sense of true unknowing

of how to live my life,

my new life

not lost

nor forgotten

but wandering in that way that begs for consciousness

to re-live, re-grow, re-build

a life from the inside out

from the ground up

from all the pieces

coming together not as I was but

as I am now–

a newly formed seed of life itself

filled with the breath and willingness

to learn to grow anew, grow again

in an entirely new way.


My heart broke into a thousand pieces

and I’ve tried to put it all back together

yet there is no back

or together

only a new heart emerging,

under a thousand sparkling stars

with a new breath of life moving through me,

a new dawn arising within me

that beckons me

to be present, be conscious, be discerning,

be loving, be here now to unfold and open

this new living seed

in the harvesting of maturity and experience

through a pressurized alchemy and trauma within the birth canal

pushing me so tightly

my breath went away

only to return like a baby’s cry

into this newly felt environment of a place called Earth.

My mother my self’s soul

My father my self’s body

My self within my breath,

my presence in the consciousness of light,

my love as  a radiating essence.

And that which I’ve come to bring, that I’ve striven to know

emerges through a sea shell,

as a pearl and a new seed of life

filled with illuminating breath

enlivening and grounding the body

filling the mind with light

watering the emergence

with the tender breezes of change

to feel deep down within myself

the presence of an incredible living wisdom

so beautiful, I used to say it takes my breath away….

and indeed it did, but now

it gives me breath

and, indeed, life itself….

My venus sophia, my bella sophia….

the beauty and the breath of life,

of living wisdom

Emerging deep within my soul

I welcome you.

The first time life is given freely to all of us.

The second time it asks of you to freely create it yourself….

out of your whole self

with gifts  freely given in grace

and love surrounding and swirling always.

In that tenderness and grace,

I stand humbly breathing

that beautiful, and wise breath of life.

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The Stream of Venus

This morning I had a beautiful vision,

a living imagination,

an experience in the quietness of silence.

A  stream of living, unseen, gentle souls

 walking through timelessness,

entering the present moment.

It was the Stream of Venus.

It was an experience of a wave of silk cloths

blowing in the breeze

silently announcing the coming of

something precious, something dignified

this stream, this community,

this family of Venus.

It was a procession of beauty

winding its way

through the corridors of time,

and the pulse of the living,

through history and eternity,

opening and creating environments

along the way

where the essence of life,

the beauty and presence of wisdom,

and the substance of love

continued to be born

over and over again

filling the tributaries of liquid gold

with pureness of intention

and new life.

Within this procession,

there were circles of commonness,

embraces of connectedness,

in the centre of life itself.

The veils were not only flying, but lifting,

opening the interior, eternal,

living environments

from the inside out

uniting it with

the exterior living stream of Earth.

New language arising out of the poetic visual,

and thoughts unfolding in pictures, songs and living images.

There was no hierarchy, no power, control or harshness,

instead a presence of consciousness, peace, gentle beauty, true compassion,

radiating love and genuine interest.

And as it orchestrated itself

it was clear,

that the stream of Venus

was bringing many new impulses

to enrich and complement

life on Earth.

The first gift was bringing awareness to the world soul.

A world soul that nurtures life on Earth for all living beings

giving a sense of being in this world together.

The second gift was the illumination

of the beauty and wisdom of  the human soul

and nature of its life and  inner places of dwelling.

To understand the nature of the human soul

and how it is reflected outwardly

including, in our daily lives,

will give a new basis of understanding and capacity

about how to begin unfolding a new world culture of peace

by consciously focusing on creating

worldwide homes of inner beauty,

hearths of thriving and loving relationships,

and sanctuaries of living wisdom.

The fourth gift of the stream of Venus is  a sense of  community

for the newly emerging human soul and tender and beautiful world soul

that connects all souls.

For  she is lovely and bright,

as luminous as a pearl.

She is undefinable by many

and perceived by few.

Yet,she is inside each one of us,

bearing the essence of who we are.

And no matter how hard one tries to define the soul

or assign the soul ,

she lives within us and we in her.

She is the bella mother of our spirits,

the venus maiden of our hearts,

and the sophia queen of our lives.

She bears grace and dwells in living beauty.

Her language is painted imaginatively

on the canvas of life

sharing the inner landscapes

that reflect outwardly.

She moves quietly over the Earth,

within life itself,

leaving no footprint,

only flowers and  a scent of water.

She has no sense of self or the other,

because the nature of birthing life intimately unites

the wholeness of life together within its individualities

creating space and place

in the bright constellation of humanity

where circle upon circle

of shining stars

willingly unite

forming new constellations

of potential new ways of being together.

It is an imprint of these starry constellations

that are washing over us

as a human race,

asking us to step out of the destructive,

and into this renewing stream of  Venus.

A stream that brings a refreshing new way

of viewing life as a culture that cultivates new ways of living together

in genuine interest, friendship and peace.

A stream that bears within it

the true nature of life,

the streaming  light of love

and the perfect environment for tiny shells

and awakening souls

to open


homes of love



pearls of wisdom.

Written by Jill LaBelle Sophie Shouldice