The Beauty of Love

To breathe in is to incarnate, to breathe out is to be part of creating a world of healing and happiness.   To love is to feel one with this creation in devotion and relationship.   To be given the freedom to have an inner life of being yourself, of discovering your imprint, is to […]

Still Waters

Still and clear a body of water shimmers in the morning light.   She sits quietly beside as white as a lily as warm as the sand.   Brittle bones intact for carrying her into illuminated landscapes untouched by human hands.   Sparkling eyes in the thinly veiled alchemy of luminosity tender to the outward […]

Creating A Life On Purpose

What is a living wisdom lifestyle?    What is creating a life on purpose? A living wisdom lifestyle is a commitment to consciously live a life and create a life simply each and every single day out of a never-ending, loving appreciation for its presence inside, outside and around us.   A living wisdom lifestyle […]

It’s A Beautiful Day

I find that hearts love to share.  Minds love to converse. And human beings love to feel part of life together. Well our hearts and minds and humanness do, too. So here we are; simply sharing, conversing, and feeling what is of interest to us, with you, alongside feeling part of this big, beautiful world […]

Sharing About Us

Today, we have rewritten our About Us page and wanted to introduce our selves and our intentions. Below, is our written, introduction.  And here, in this present moment, we want to say, our journey in life has brought us here, to open this space as a way to share common interests and the artistic and […]

February Question and Practice Index Cards

Here’s our “in the pocket” index cards for February.  Simple to make.  The first two photos are of the Mexico Journal I made, with a cover page, to keep all our projects, lists, research, local info, etc. organized while we’re here.  Just love having a Journal for this time.  Keeps us organized and it’s an […]

February’s Question and Practices

Throughout the years of our friendship and marriage, we’ve taken up many spiritual, mindful, and practical practices. This year we’ve begun some new ones. Once a month we hold one question.  In January, this year, our question has been: Is it real? Throughout our days and the month, we found opportunity after opportunity to ask […]