May’s Living Wisdom Questions and Practices

Well, we are still working on our timing here, but happy to finally be able to write about our new May questions and practices. I’ll jump right in and keep it simple. This month we’ve actually decided to take up three areas of questions which in themselves form the practice. In the past months, we’ve […]

April’s Question and Practice

Well, this month has had a life of its own.  Although we began our new question and practice for April on time, daily life has consumed us until this day, April 16, making it impossible to write  about April’s intention. But here I am and here we are now; and, yes, I am ever so […]

How Creating a Living Wisdom Lifestyle Works on a Daily Basis

Lifestyles are about making choices.  Once the choices are made, and continue to be made, through cycles and seasons of change and evolving perceptions, we are free to begin creating a life on purpose, with style, inspired by present moment awareness and blossoming questions.   How do we want to live our lives? What compels, […]

Still Waters Run Deep

March Question and Practice

It’s March, and it’s time to plan our new question for the month. In January, we held the question:  What is real?  It was a wonderful question to hold open in many moments and situations, beckoning us to stop to reflect and investigate, just being with things as they were while experiencing and sensing what […]

The Beauty of Love

To breathe in is to incarnate, to breathe out is to be part of creating a world of healing and happiness.   To love is to feel one with this creation in devotion and relationship.   To be given the freedom to have an inner life of being yourself, of discovering your imprint, is to […]

Still Waters

Still and clear a body of water shimmers in the morning light.   She sits quietly beside as white as a lily as warm as the sand.   Brittle bones intact for carrying her into illuminated landscapes untouched by human hands.   Sparkling eyes in the thinly veiled alchemy of luminosity tender to the outward […]