Changing Times

It feels like times are changing, for me, and then, really, when are they not. I’m slowly weaning myself off of facebook, saying goodbye to faces on my account, but not to friends. I find social media such a curious reality. In so many ways, it’s unreal, yet what it does do is broaden contexts. […]

I Am From Croatia

This morning Rod and I walked to Ah Cacao for a morning beverage. I unexpectedly came down with a fierce flu for a few days, and now I am trying to recover. Our conversation together was tender, tear-filled, and full. Under the same outdoor canopy sat a lovely, lovely older-than-us couple also enjoying a moment […]

Morning Walk Reflections

The Art of Expression

Expression Dictionary definition: the process of making known one’s thoughts or feelings My definition: the process of making one’s self known and seen Little did I know that as I walked through the door of the Afrikan Market, I would enter into a new culture of my soul, new landscapes, and experiences that would eventually […]

Birds, Bees, and Butterflies

Watercolour Gardens in May

May’s Living Wisdom Questions and Practices

Well, we are still working on our timing here, but happy to finally be able to write about our new May questions and practices. I’ll jump right in and keep it simple. This month we’ve actually decided to take up three areas of questions which in themselves form the practice. In the past months, we’ve […]